How To Travel 1 YEAR in Europe for $5,000

“So wait… WHAT? How do you travel so cheaply???”

In this video I share with you my methodology and walk you through my steps of HOW I travel so cheaply. I explain how I get around, how I stay places for free, and ABOVE ALL… how I have a kick ass time doing do


  1. Cheap airline – I strictly use to get around Europe
  2. BE FLEXIBLE with you departure date – book the cheapest date
  3. WALK – use your own two feet as much as you can (exercise – yeaaaa!)
  4. Public transportation – Buses & trains (buy a pass if you will use often)
  5. Take advantage of transition time – Educate yourself (podcasts, books)
  6. Meet locals – make friends and share transportation costs
  7. Only travel with a carry on to avoid baggage fees
  8. Travel with an empty water bottle (fill up in the airport – bring a snack too!)
  9. Be open with your destination – look for cheap flights FIRST! Then decide location.


  1. Travel slower
  2. Choose a travel method that “makes sense” to you
  3. Keep an open mind to a variety of experiences
  4. Once again…. CONNECT with locals!


  1. Choose countries that are cheaper for budget travelers (Italy, Spain, Portugal)
  2. Consider the cost of living in each country


  1. – work exchange. Work a few hours in exchange for free room and food
  2. Couchsurfing – great way to meet people!
  3. ASK – put it out there… someone you know may be able to connect you with someone in a place you are traveling
  4. VOLUNTEER – share your skills, knowledge, and experiences with the world

FOOOOOOOOD – nom nom nom

  1. Most workaway host’s provide food – EAT IT (duh!).
  2. If you go out exploring – take fruit or pack a snack
  3. ALWAYS carry your water bottle
  4. Ask around for opinions for some great cheap options
  5. Make local friends – SO MANY people will open their kitchens to you


  1. Wander around! Observe, chat with people…
  2. Take advantage of FREE days (you can find info on the internet or the tourist office)
  3. Use your student or teacher I.D. if possible – receive discounts

It’s all about balance…when you travel long-term there will be days when you just RELAX. Take the time to recharge, learn, create – or do whatever makes ya happy!

Travel does not have to be expensive. If you are willing to keep an open mind, be more relaxed, and be open to a variety of experiences …. then you can travel the world and have an amazing time on a small budget!

Ciao for now ❤

Once again… thanks YouTube for choosing such a precious still photo of me. I kinda find it funny at this point so I’m just gonna go with it 😉

Sunset above the clouds in Tenerife, Spain

Sunset above the clouds in Tenerife, Spain


2 thoughts on “How To Travel 1 YEAR in Europe for $5,000

  1. Hey! Fellow traveler & fellow FitLife writer here 🙂 I love this article! I have been living internationally for 15 years and nomadically for 6 years. In 2012/13 my partner and I were traveling around Europe (Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia, Greece, Albania, Croatia, Italy, Luxembourg, France, Romania) & Turkey on about 2000$. Crazy. People couldn’t believe it. Well, we workawayed for the most part, also house-sat (for a friend of a friend of friend’s not through a website), stayed at friends’, couchsurfed, hitchhiked, shopped at the market/cooked, looked for deals on trains/buses…we saw many beautiful sites when our hosts took us there, invited us, went off season (totally free in Turkey), free days, on student discounts (with expired, self-adjusted IDs ;-)) and seen many off the beaten track sites for free. Often I am even puzzled how we did it, but we did. 🙂 I’ve never had much money before and after this trip during my travels: worked as a social researcher for an NGO with minimal wage having to spend my salary on research materials and the assistant’s salary etc, volunteered, taught English for shit low pay, made friends…. So possible! 🙂 I love your list how it explains everything!!!

    • Ciao from Italy!! Nice to “meet” you. Awesome to hear about your adventures!!!! I love hearing other people’s stories about how they made the travel life happen for them…. because it is POSSIBLE! It’s just a matter of being a little bit of a ninja in regards to finding deals and whatnot — but to me it hasn’t been anything that is this BIG SECRET that everyone seems to think travel is. Thanks for your kind words – glad you enjoyed the article!!

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