ONE BAG WONDER Challenge – Do you think you could live out of ONE bag?

For the past 11 months I have been traveling throughout Europe and have been living out of a very small backpack. Like — VERY small.

To me it has become normal and I actually prefer the simplicity of it versus having a lot of “stuff”.

We live in a world where having more/better/nicer stuff seems to be the norm. However, does all that “stuff” really matter? Is it making you happy?

If it is not serving a purpose in your life, I suggest clearing the clutter (donate if possible).

By doing so, you are making space for what you TRULY want in life… whether that be to travel, love, better health, and of course your happiness!

I challenge EVERYONE out there to try living out of one bag. If you were to set out of a trip what would you bring?

Here is what I brought:

One of my mottos in life is… “Increase your personal OPTIONS instead of your personal possessions”

I’d love to hear your thoughts – let me know how you fare living out of ONE bag!



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