5 Ways Traveling & Living Out of a Backpack has changed ME

When weird shit starts becoming normal in your life…. oooooh the life of a traveler! Watch the video and learn 5 ways in which traveling has changed me (some of them hopefully not forever haha)!

I don’t know why I always choose to make videos when I’m un-showered and feeling rather unattractive… but now-a-days I really just don’t give a shit – I’m traveling. I’m happy. Looks and beauty come second. At least I shaved my legs…. finally. I now understand one of the reasons why Europeans grow out their body hair – some showers are impossibly small. You literally have to be a contortionist to reach certain areas of your body. I feel like I’m training for the Cirque-du-Soleil whilst showering!

Ain’t no shame in my travel game….


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