5 Ways to Have an International Experience without Leaving Home

Dreaming of foreign places but can’t leave home just yet? Check out this article for 5 ways to have an international experience without leaving home!


I would be willing to bet that if you check out many “Bucket Lists”… something relating to “Traveling the World” would be easily found (and most likely at the top of the list!).

OOOOh the dream of travel… of packing a bag and jetting off to distant lands to hear foreign languages, smell delicious aromas wafting out of local restaurant doors, and marvel at the beauty of breathtaking landscapes and brilliant architecture. Sounds perfect – right!?

But what do you do when jumping on a plan just isn’t an option??

Here are 5 ways you can still have that worldly experience without leaving home!

1. Host someone – If you have a spare room (or couch) in your house or apartment, hosting someone from a foreign land is an excellent way to learn more about the world! I recommend workaway.info (if you want to host someone for 1 week or more) OR couchsurfing.com…

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