5 Actions to take NOW to make your TRAVEL DREAMS come true

For anyone out there contemplating TRAVEL…. get started today!


So you want to travel the world and have NO FREAKING CLUE how to make that happen… perhaps you are knee deep in a “good job” and feel like you should be building your career… or perhaps you are drowning in debt and expenses and don’t know how to save money… or maybe you are questioning if you have the guts to “pack a bag and go”.

Just about two years ago I had a “good job” (Director of a Brain Training Center), tons of debt (nearly $20,000 of credit card debt as a result of quitting my other job the year before), I was overloaded with expenses, and had no clue how to make my travel dreams come true. I took a hiatus from my career (which I’m 100% ok with), I’ve reduced my debt to $2,000 (currently – and this is also my ONLY bill), and I educated myself about…

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