How I Live a Life of Travel


“Oh and im pretty jealous of all that lifestyle of yours” — I received this message recently via Facebook from an acquaintance that  I haven’t talked to in a loooooong time.

The travel lifestyle.

In April 2014 I set out on a journey to “explore” with little thoughts as to where I would go or what I would do. I wasn’t nearly prepared as I wanted to be (mostly in the financial department), but I had an irresistible opportunity to go on tour with my friends band in England/Netherlands for 3.5 weeks. At the time of hearing about this opportunity, I had already taken many steps towards fulfilling my dream of living a “travel lifestyle”. I had moved from California back to Pennsylvania to live with my mom to save money and had sold or donate the majority of my “stuff”. I did a test run of sorts while driving cross country…

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