Know someone who is looking to travel? Have them read this article for tips on how to save $$$ for their travel fund!


“Money makes the world go round”… I’m not exactly sure who said that or where it originated from but it’s just one of those statements that we hear time and again in our lives. So yes, money does have something to do with “making the world go round” – or in the case of you wanderlusters out there who dream of traveling  – money has something to do with making you “go round” the world.

I’m not about to take an official poll or anything… but I would be willing to put $$$$ on it that if I asked the question, “What holds you back from your travel dreams?” — the #1 answer BY FAR would be MONEY.

Flashback to May 2012, I was in a cycle of: earn paycheck -> pay bills -> cry at my bank statement (or something along those lines). It seemed hopeless for me to ever be…

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