How to be SPONTANEOUS (and WHY you should be)

Sleep -> Eat -> Work -> REPEAT

A modern day nightmare.

A few years back I was in this horrifying cycle of being what people refer to as a “responsible adult”. I had a good job, nice apartment… I woke up, went to work, came home exhausted and stressed, spent a few hours of trying to distract myself from thinking about work, then it was back to bed to prepare myself for a “new day” of pretty much doing the same shit.


Even though my life was sprinkled with fun and adventure, I felt overwhelmingly suffocated by my daily routine. My life was no different than most of those around me, but what was different was my lack of desire to accept this style of living. I didn’t feel authentic to who I was or what I wanted… I felt more like a cookie cutter puppet of some version of the “American Dream”.

It was time to make some SHIFT happen to create and pursue the adventurous and exciting lifestyle I desired.

What did I need to do? What was “missing”?

I had a long and intensive thinking session of what I wanted in my life for the future… and also took a journey into my past to evaluate when I felt the most alive and fulfilled.

My conclusion…. SPONTANEITY.

Walk 100k over 4 days in Spain?? SURE WHY NOT!

Walk 100k over 4 days in Spain?? SURE WHY NOT!


The majority of my happiest and strongest memories were all linked to a spontaneous event.

By definition, to be spontaneous is have an open, natural, and uninhibited manner. You are open, relaxed, genuine, unplanned…

Coming from a place of routine, restriction, and repetitiveness  — I needed to ferociously inject my life with more spontaneity if I wanted to get the results I desired.

I ended up taking some pretty drastic measures to achieve my “adventurous lifestyle”… such as quitting my job, ending the lease on my apartment, selling 90% of my belongings, packing a 40 liter backpack with the basics, and buying a one way ticket to Europe to travel for an undetermined amount of time.

How about THAT for some spontaneity?? SHEESH! I’ve always been one to overachieve – at least this time I was applying it fulfill the type of life I dreamed of!

Now now now, you don’t have to get all cray cray in your life and completely change everything around (unless you are ready to)… but you can set an intention each day to be a bit more open and spontaneous.

Joy comes when you are spontaneous. A major reason is because you feel vibrantly alive when experiencing something new and exciting.

Spontaneously drinking wine from a stranger's satchel in Tenerife

Spontaneously drinking wine from a stranger’s satchel in Tenerife

So how can you be more SPONTANEOUS on a daily basis?

Here are 20 ideas to get you started.

These ideas are meant to be easy to implement. Because we all know if shit is too hard to do we will most likely give up. You need to start somewhere! Make some progress… get momentum… and ya never know what could happen! Progress = happiness :

1. Talk to that stranger next to you. It’s amazing the feeling an impromptu conversation can give you!

2. Try a new hobby, activity, or class.

3. You know that “thing” you’ve always wanted to try — TRY IT.

4. Reconnect with someone you admired from your past (teacher, colleague, friend)

5. Eat something you’ve never heard of before.

6. Make a friend and go visit them!

7. Do something that scares you (like a slight scare… not something that will leave you scarred for life).

8. Say “YES” to that blind date (for you single people out there).

9. Take a sick day from work to go on an adventure (In 5 years of work I didn’t take ONE random sick day – WTF was I thinking?)

10. Take a walk without a destination.

11. Ask someone you haven’t seen in a while out for a drink.

12. Explore a new neighborhood.

13. Join a group and go to an event.

14. Give someone you love a random gift.

15. Try an exercise you have never done before.

16. Ask the waiter to serve you their favorite dish.

17. Take the scenic route next time you are driving (don’t forget to put your windows down and music up!).

18. Do something you loved to do as a child (rollerblade? paint? playdoh?).

19. Give a random stranger a genuine compliment.

20. Really tell someone you love how much they mean to you. Take a bit of advice from Madonna… Express yooooourself!


And remember… your daily decisions are shaping your life. So why not make a conscience decision to live spontaneously, be happy, and have FUN!?


NOTE: I will not take responsibility for anyone who makes an idiotic spontaneous decision as a result of reading this article. However, I will take partial credit if you make some awesome decisions and start living a kickass life! 😉


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