5 EASY Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling and “On-the-Go”

Whether you are someone like me who is traveling the world and living out of a backpack — or perhaps you are a busy career person with a packed schedule and long days… we share the common element of needing good health and energy to accomplish what we set out to do.

Here are 5 easy ways to stay healthy while being “on-the-go”… AND you can take these with you ANYWHERE!


1. Drink Water – Our society is chronically dehydrated which leads to sluggishness, weakness, and headaches. Pretty shitty feelings RIGHT!? One way to keep yourself alert and your body functioning at its best is to drink plenty of water. My reusable water bottle (pictured below) is almost always by my side making it easy to fill up while I’m on the road. I aim to drink 3 liters per day… but if measuring is not your thing you can do the “pee color test” (simply check out the color of your pee when you go – it should be a very pale yellow). Water is my primary drink (aside from coffee and tea (and red wine of course) — it’s all I drink!). Here are some tips for drinking water:

  • Keep a bottle/glass beside your bed and drink it first thing upon waking (I aim to drink 24oz. before I leave my bedroom) – Your body just went all night without water – it needs it!
  • Drink between meals — NOT with meals (which dilutes your stomach acids needed for digestion). Staying well hydrated will help stave of hunger and extra snaking between meals.
  • Spruce It Up if you “don’t like water” – infuse water with lemons, fruits etc… I also use peppermint tea bags to flavor it! Keep it natural and stay away from fake flavors with yucky ingredients (aka Crystal Lite packets, flavor drops) – a great alternative to sweeten it up is liquid stevia!





2. Move Your Body – Just move your ass. I don’t think I need to elaborate much on the benefits of exercising daily — so I’ll spare you on the Ra-Ra-Ra you can do it cheerleader crap! I’ve had my periods where I’m obsessed with the gym and can’t get enough… BUT also my moments where I couldn’t be bothered to do even 1 minute. Now I meet somewhere in the middle. One day I may be hiking for 5 hours – and the next day taking it easy with some stretching and abs. Find something that works for you, you ENJOY, and you can commit to to challenge your body everyday. Here is my new daily travel workout routine (this is my bare minimum of daily exercise. It takes me about 20 minutes but gets my blood pumping):

  • 10 minutes of planks (in 1 minute increments – regular & side planks)
  • 100 squats
  • 100 wall push ups (need to build my upper body strength fo shooo – baby steps!)

If you need ideas the Pinterest Fitness sections has awesome “at home” workouts you can do with minimal equipment!  http://www.pinterest.com/all/health_fitness/


Hiking is my exercise of choice :-)

Hiking is my exercise of choice 🙂



3. Tuck Yourself In – Oh the joys of traveling and sleeping in a multitude of accommodations. In five months I’ve shared hotel rooms with snoring dudes while on tour with a band, slept on a duvet on the floor while couchsurfing, shared rooms in hostels with smelly hikers… it’s like I’m playing the sleeping version of Russian Roulette. Will I sleep? Wont I sleep? Sometimes it’s just not in my control — BUT there are steps I take to “do my best” of getting a good night of sleep. Here are some tips to get some quality shut eye:

  • Ear Plugs – Get some good ones. It may take some experimenting to find a brand that works for you but DO IT.
  • Eye mask – Once my eyes detect sunlight in the morning they send an alarm to my brain to wake up. Black out the light with an eye mask and BAM – problem solved.
  • If you have shit on your mind as you are getting ready for bed time by all means purge it before your head hits the pillow. Write down what you have to do tomorrow if that is what you are mulling over. Dear Diary it if a problem is nagging at you. Just get it out of your head – having some “pen to paper” time can do wonders in calming your mind and preparing it for rest.
  • Sleep music – When I was living in a hostel in Tenerife for two months there were often noises and sounds as I was trying to fall asleep. I hyperfocus on that type of stuff and can’t fall asleep. I went to Youtube and started putting my earbuds in with sleep music on and was able to doze off quite fast! My favorite was: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQ6xgDI7Whc


Excited to sleep... BEFORE i realized the man on the bottom bunk smelled like one big armpit.

Excited to sleep… BEFORE i realized the man on the bottom bunk smelled like one big armpit.



4. Be Proactive – The definition of proactive is – “acting in advance to deal with an expected difficulty” — or in plain terms – thinking and planning ahead. When I’m out exploring new cities I always make sure I have: 1. Water, 2. SNACKSSSS! Being super hungry in a foreign place can turn into a “difficulty” if you are seeking healthy and cheap options. Therefore, I do my best to pack snacks. You will save money and fuel your body with nutritious and healthy foods. Here are some simple travel snack options:

  • Nuts – I prefer plain almonds. Stay away from the salty or sweet versions that are loaded with ickyness.
  • Fruit – Oranges and apples tend to hold up pretty well in purses and backpacks.
  • Protein bars – Go for the more natural ones that aren’t loaded with sugar (which will leave you feeling like shit after you crash)
  • Tuna (in water) – My go to for long hiking trips.


Or just rely on strangers giving you wine out of their satchels (Romeria festival in Tenerife)

Or just rely on strangers giving you wine out of their satchels (Romeria festival in Tenerife)



5. Express Gratitude Daily – It’s all about the P.M.A. … a positive mental attitude.  No matter where you are on this earth you are going to have your “good days”, “bad days”, and “blah days” – we are all human beings after all. However, a big part of having a healthy and happy experience is embracing an attitude of gratitude. If what is going on between your ears is a bunch of negativity and shit – then you can almost guarantee your daily experience will be a bunch of negative shit! On the other hand, if you focus on the positive and appreciate all things big and small – it will transpire into happy and healthy days. Three easy ways to express gratitude:

  • Gratitude journal – Write down what makes you feel blessed. I keep a health/fitness journal to track my progress and goals. Each night before I go to sleep I write 5 things I am grateful/thankful/blessed for.
My simple daily "journal" page

My simple daily “journal” page



  • Sit still – Take a moment to ENJOY the moment… don’t rush. Really taste and appreciate your morning coffee. Feel the sun on your skin. With travel I come across such amazing experiences and views that I have to consciously stop myself and “take it all in”. When I do I feel like my whole body smiles!
  • Express Yoooooooself – Verbalize it. If someone does something nice for you express your gratitude! To keep the flow going pay it forward to someone else. Need ideas – here is a great article – 60 Selfless Ways to Pay it Forward


Be grateful wherever your two feet are touching this beautiful earth!

Be grateful wherever your two feet are touching this beautiful earth!



Cheers to happy and healthy days!

What is your favorite way to stay healthy?

Have a great tip to share? Pay it forward and comment below!


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