10 Reasons to Travel with ONLY a Carry On

I’ve been at this travel thing for a bit over four months and every time I go to catch a flight I am so so SO grateful that I decided to travel with nothing but a backpack carry on. Even though I will be traveling Europe for many months to come, I have already mastered the art of traveling with only a carry on.

I brought the basics and maintain the mindset that if I NEED something… I will acquire it when it is necessary. Like the time I broke my hairbrush and managed to go almost two weeks before I bought another one (thanks to my low maintenance hair).

Prior to packing my life in a 40 liter backpack, I wasn’t fully aware of how much excess I had in my life on a daily basis. Excess clothes, excess makeup & toiletries, excess food…. the only thing I was lacking was excess time due to long hours at a job that stressed me OUT.

I’ve now flipped that upside down and let go of 95% of my possessions in exchange for  the excess time to explore this beautiful world… and I’m finding that living out of a backpack is actually quite easy and peaceful.

Whether you are going on a week long vacation or setting out to take on the travel life… here are 10 reasons to travel with ONLY a carry on.

1. SAVE MONEY – No baggage fees!! Yea! I’ve taken 6 flights so far which has saved me $300

2. SKIP CHECK IN LINES – You won’t have to stand in the long lines waiting to check your bag in

3. NO WAITING FOR BAGGAGE CLAIM – Once you are off the plane you can just breeze on out of the airport


5. YOU REALLY DON’T NEED ALL THAT STUFF… REALLY. – It’s ok to have the same outfit on in multiple Facebook pictures.

6. GET AROUND EASIER – You may find yourself walking around a city with your bag. The lighter the better!

7. YOU WON’T BUY USELESS “STUFF” – Souvenirs that collect dust on your shelf? You won’t have room for them!

8. SAVE TIME – On packing,  at the airport, dressing yourself, walking through places…

9. FLEX YOUR CREATIVITY – Your clothes and minimal toiletries will start serving many functions (ex. scarf as bikini cover up or pillow cover. Vaseline – lip gloss, eye-makeup remover, moisturizer, crazy hair tamer)

10. BECAUSE YOU WILL BE PROUD OF YOURSELF – and appreciate the small things in life… like nice body wash!

Osprey Farpoint 40

My backpack – Osprey Farpoint 40

Pack the basics and mix & match

Pack the basics and mix & match

Packing cubes - BEST THING EVER to stay organized

Packing cubes – BEST THING EVER to stay organized

Walking around London with my world on my back!

Walking around London with my world on my back!



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