Quick weekend trip to the island of Menorca, Spain – August 9-11th, 2014

Day 115 – August 9 (23) – Saturday

Well that was a precious two hours of sleep I just had! Considering I didn’t get back from my 100k trek on El Camino de Santiago until nearly 3am… I didn’t have much time to unpack, repack, and get some sleep before my 6am wake up call! However, there is something about exploring new places that almost makes getting sleep null and void.

I was out the door and on my way to catch the metro to the airport by 6:15. As I walked along the street, partygoers were winding down their activities from Friday night’s fiestas. Some stumbled along, others were sitting curbside chowing down on pizza… but there I was with my dorky backpack making my way to catch the subway. My host had given me directions the night before of how to make my way to the airport – about a 45 minute journey on three different metro lines. I am used to catching the metro to go to the city center so I naturally jumped on that one… and then realized I was going the wrong way after I reached the first stop. Sweet. I managed to get on the correct line and made my way to my first connection. I eventually got on my last connection and saw a girl with a suitcase so I asked her if she was heading to the airport and she said YES. Nice – time to stalk her! Previously in my years of travels I would just be prideful on figuring it out myself – now I’m just learning to ask questions and get to where I need to go (with a bit of “figuring it out” mixed in).

Once at the airport, I went through security and set off the alarm… thanks to the underwire in my bra. After I was frisked I gathered my stuff and found my way to the flight screen. My flight wasn’t yet gated so I connected to the internet for my 15 free minutes then played Candy Crush (I still can’t believe I’m playing this game after all this time!!!).

It was a quick and easy flight to Menorca, where I had a brief wait before my friend Mark came and picked me up. I had met him when I was traveling in England with the band. Another friend from California put me in contact with him and after a few Facebook messages I ended up traveling to London ahead of band so that I could sight see and explore. He had been a great host while I was in London and we shared nice conversation and laughs so we stayed  in touch while I was in Tenerife.  He is constantly jetting off to different places for the weekend and several times invited me along. Given I was “working” in Tenerife I had to decline but eventually the timing worked out and we planned to meet up in between my travels from Tenerife to Madrid. It ended up not working out so we rescheduled to this weekend – yea!

It was a short drive from the airport to his family’s home in the south of the island and I was in my bikini poolside in no time! Their house was absolutely beautiful — up on the cliff right next to the ocean…and to think this is just a vacation home? Whaaaat? The four bedrooms were situated around an open courtyard in the center of the house. My room was like a hotel room with beautiful vaulted ceilings and my own bathroom area. The sun was hot so my friend and I  spent the afternoon catching up on life, swimming, and relaxing. A little while later I met his dad who was coming home from a community meeting. My friend had told me his dad loved to play tour guide – which is great for me because I love learning about the places I visit.

After an afternoon siesta and shower, we (my friend, his dad, and I) went up to the neighbors house for a sunset cocktail. The neighbors were a German family from Munich with two children. Their house was something straight out of Architectural Digest – absolutely beautiful! Very modern with clean lines, open concept, with a beautiful patio and pool in the front. We sat on the patio for a bit before heading to dinner at Pan y Vino. In typical Spanish style we didn’t end up eating til after 10pm but the dinner was delicious. Eating a prawn salad followed by a delish piece of salmon is a nice change from the veggies and lentils I eat on the regular (Given I eat like a fatty sometimes when I’m out and about I try to stick to as many clean foods as I can when I’m at home — key word TRY — part of traveling is tasting all the yummy food!). The kitchen of the restaurant was so small it was surprising that they could cook and deliver meals to all their diners!

View from the patio - pool, ocean, sun - what more do you need!?

View from the patio – pool, ocean, sun – what more do you need!?

Day 116 – August 10 (24) – Sunday

I woke up after a pretty decent night of sleep (finally) and wandered out to the living room. I found his dad on his computer so he and I chatted for a bit about the island and he made me some delicious coffee. The plans for the day were to head out to their boat so off we went to pick up their neighbors (the German dad and his daughter). Of course when I went to get out of the car the seat belt was stuck and I had to Macgyver my way under it haha. It was a nice to day to be on the water given it was roasting hot out! Their boat was very nice and comfy and I took a seat across from his dad — who gave me quite the tour of the harbor and island and we headed out to sea. We boated over to this alcove area where other boats had already anchored  and people were swimming about. We found a nice spot near the beach and I took a leap off the boat for my first swim in the Mediterranean EVER! The water was so clear and beautiful. I spent my day tanning, swimming, and relaxing = bliss. You can pretty much stick me in the sun by the ocean anywhere and I’ll be happy :-). In the late afternoon we headed back to shore… we docked just in time as I started to feel a bit crappy from the motion of the ocean and not eating!

After being in the sun all day I was a bit drained so I went to my room to relax and shower before heading out to dinner. We had originally planned to go out to eat but the plans were changed to just order take away and chill at home. I hadn’t had Chinese food in months so it was yummy – a bit different than the American version of Chinese food (and prob a bit healthier too haha!). After dinner is wasn’t long before we turned in early around 10pm. Life in your 30’s is just so different. Had this been even 5 years before I would have been wanting to go out and party – yet somehow in my late 20’s I miraculously started cherishing sleep and rest versus a night of partying!


My first swim in the Mediterranean!

My first swim in the Mediterranean!

"At the end of the day, let there be no excuses, no explanations, no regrets." - Steve Maraboli

“At the end of the day, let there be no excuses, no explanations, no regrets.” – Steve Maraboli

Views from the boat

Views from the boat

Ei ei captain

Ei ei captain

Ocean heaven <3

Ocean heaven ❤

Yeaaaa back to being tan!

Yeaaaa back to being tan!

Day 117 – August 11 (25) – Monday

I woke up bright and early so that I could explore the local beach before having to head to the airport around 10:15. I took a walk down the coast and enjoyed a nice morning swim. There were two kayakers on the beach getting ready to start their journey and an older gentleman who was also going for a morning swim. He said something to me in Spanish and I just smiled and acted like I understood which seemed to pacify the “conversation”. I snapped some photos and enjoyed a few moments in the sun on the cliffs above before heading back to the house. Luckily his dad was awake because I was sandy and towel-less. My friend was still sleeping so I took a swim in the pool and soaked up the sun a bit more (and his sweet dad made me coffee again).

It was nearing time to leave for the airport so I got myself ready and we were out the door. Their flight was at an earlier time (11ish) but mine wasn’t til 3ish! In hindsight I probably should have just explored some more but figured I would play it safe and chill in the airport….for 4 hours…thank goodness for podcasts! I listened to Lewis Howes (one of my favorites for business/inspiration type of convos).

Finally it was time for take off. There was a handsome man around my age seated next to me and he was so super nervous during take off and landing. He didn’t say anything but the holding of the breath and jittery movements were evidence enough. Poor thing… I almost wanted to reach over and hold his hand as he reached for the barf bag to fan himself. I get it that people don’t like flying – yet flying is statistically so much safer than driving (or walking down the stairs for that matter)!

Morning coffee... as it should be

Morning coffee… as it should be

All in all it was a brief, yet enjoyable, trip to Menorca. BIG BIG thanks to Mark & his dad for their hospitality 🙂



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