Highlights and Photos from my 7th week in Tenerife, Spain (June 25th – July 1st)

Usually I have an inspired moment when I write these posts and I come up with some sort of message I want to share…. THIS is NOT one of those moments. I struggled to focus enough to get this post completed. Now that I’m 7 weeks into my time on this island… some of the days just seem to repeat themselves (not as they are happening… but as I’m recalling and writing about my experience). I’m at the point where I could literally just copy and paste some of my days haha! (I don’t know how many times you really want to read about me going to the beach and laying in the sun haha!). I’m still exploring and having some amazing adventures… but I’m also LIVING here on the island. What I mean by that is in everyday “normal life” you don’t do crazy things all day every day. You need days of rest, relaxation, and simply chilling out. As I have said in previous posts… the benefit of long term travel is that you have the time to just BE. I still fight the urge of always wanting to be out and about exploring – this feeling is something that has followed me throughout life. In all honesty it is an annoying feeling for the most part. Relaxing isn’t a natural thing for me… I have to FORCE myself to do it!

I get it. I’m a quintessential Type A person. “The theory A individual as ambitious, rigidly organized, highly status-conscious, sensitive, impatient, take on more than they can handle, want other people to get to the point, anxious, proactive, and concerned with time management. People with Type A personalities are often high-achieving “workaholics” who multi-task, push themselves with deadlines, and hate both delays and ambivalence.” <— Thanks wikipedia… you make me sound like a crazy person haha!

Long term travel is like REHAB for Type A’s.

It forces you to slow down. Be patient (hellooooooooo bus schedules!). And just go with the flow.

Let’s just say that if long term travel were a 12 step rehab program… i’m graduating from Level 8. Progress! I’ll take it!

I guess I came up with a message after all….   🙂


Read on for highlights and photos from my 7th week on the island!


Day 69 – June 25 (43) – Wed

Expenses – 8 Euro (Food)

That awkward moment after you spend the night at a guy’s house and then come to find out his mom is on vacation and still at home. YUP that is how I started my morning!  I don’t know why I was feeling all uncomfortable…. after all Juan gave me his bedroom and he slept out on the living room couch. Even though he said it was ok I still felt super awkward and didn’t want to have to face his mom. So what did I do?? I just fell back asleep in hopes that she would leave at some point to do an errand. YES I am a chicken. Eventually I was about to pee my pants so I bee-lined to the bathroom and then quickly went to say “HI” to his mom. All in all she was nice (at least I think so because she smiled) but I couldn’t understand anything she said to me (which is what was making me so antsy about the whole exchange haha!). At this point it was midday so I grabbed my things and we headed to La Laguna to this awesome cafe that has amazing crepes. Given the weather was kind of cloudy with little bursts of sunshine we  wandered around for a bit and got coffee (a special Canarian drink called a Barraquito) and more food. The streets of La Laguna are so charming…. colorful buildings… sidewalk cafes…little shops… it looks like it could be a movie set! Eventually I made my way back to the hostel and totally bummed it and watched a movie. Sometimes you just need a day where all you do is sleep, eat, drink, and be merry 🙂

La Folie cafe in La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain - delicious crepes!!

La Folie cafe in La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain – delicious crepes!!

Barraquito - A Canarian coffee specialty.... Milk Coffee ( espresso is the best) Condensed Milk Ground Cinnamon A bit of lemon peel without the white to avoid a bitter taste Licor 43 or Tia María

Barraquito – A Canarian coffee specialty…. Milk
Coffee ( espresso is the best)
Condensed Milk
Ground Cinnamon
A bit of lemon peel without the white to avoid a bitter taste
Licor 43 or Tia María


Day 70 – June 26 (44) – Thurs

Expenses – 0

Worked, skyped with Monica, laid by the pool, relaxed – lazy day    <– those were my original notes so I’ll just leave it at that. With having no car I sometimes  just don’t have the motivation to go anywhere further than the pool in my backyard haha!

Day 71 – June 27 (45) – Friday

Expenses – 20 (15 new bus pass, food)

Worked in the morning then went to Las Teresitas (the white sand beach on the “other side” of the island)… Juan & Paxti (couchsurfing friend) came and we played rackets and relaxed on the beach. Once back in Santa Cruz we found this healthy/natural eatery and I had this delicious veggie burger. I’m not sure what was in it but I think Juan said brussel sprouts?? The patty itself was Kermit the Frog green! It tasted pretty good and I’m still alive so… SUCCESS!

In 1973, 270,000 tons of white sand was shipped from Spanish Sahara (now Western Sahara, part of the Sahara Desert) to create an artificial beach of white sand

In 1973, 270,000 tons of white sand was shipped from Spanish Sahara (now Western Sahara, part of the Sahara Desert) to create an artificial beach of white sand

Day 72 – June 28 (46)

Expenses – 3 euro (eye drops)

It was a cloudy morning so I was on a mission to find some sunshine. I found out the east side of the island was sunny so off I went on my hour+ journey to get to the sun. Usually I like to go to a beach but  I was feeling exhausted… so I settled for the pool complex next to the auditorium in Santa Cruz. I”m pretty sure you are supposed to pay when you enter but I just wandered in and found a lounge chair and no one said anything — YIPEE!  I met Juan for a bit and got some drinks and walked around the streets of Santa Cruz (I swear I’ve never walked so much as I have in these past 7 weeks on the island!). In the evening when I got back to the hostel some people were hanging out in the living room so I chatted a bit and painted with Karen (my co-volunteer from Brazil)… she is very talented at drawing (and can sit there for hours working on one picture) …and I just sit there like a kindergartner doodling (and then after an hour or so start loosing my patience and struggle to finish my picture ! We ended up staying up really late and chatting about life, family, growing up, and traveling.

Oh did I mention I ended up getting a raging case of pink eye in BOTH my eyes?! Ever since San Juan night when I slept on my ocean hair (because I went for a midnight swim) my one eye was irritated. Then it was both eyes… then is was itchier… then my eyes were glued shut. I worked with kids in daycare for 10+ years  and NEVER got pink eye!! (5 of those years as a Director — the kids with pink eye would get sent to my office and I would have to care for them til a parent came)…. Yet I come to a pretty island and my eyes go crazy! I needed drops BADLY so I went into the pharmacy and gave the dude a piece of paper that had a message in Spanish about me having conjunctivitis and needing medicine drops (I consulted with a Spanish speaker since I don’t trust my Spanish enough and would probably end up with the wrong medicine haha). Typically you need a prescription for them but the guy just handed them over – heck yea! And another bonus was they were under 4 Euro – that crap in the USA costs like $15-20!

Sun, lounge chair, book - what more do you need?

Sun, lounge chair, book – what more do you need?

Day 73 – June 29 (47)

Expenses – 0

Reggae pool party at the hostel! Dactah Chando and several DJ’s performed… music and drinks all day. Nearly 300 people came by for the party! Later in the evening Juan and I wandered down to the coast to catch the sunset. We ended up going to a new place I haven’t explored which was a five minute walk from the hostel– and it was stunningly beautiful!

Dactah Chando - check out his music here... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pGMkjNMlEA

Dactah Chando – check out his music here… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pGMkjNMlEA

Reggae Pool Party at Lagarto Backpackers Hostel Tenerife!

Reggae Pool Party at Lagarto Backpackers Hostel Tenerife!

Another coastal treasure near the hostel!

Another coastal treasure near the hostel!




Day 74 – June 30 (48)

Expenses – 0

Well, well, well… I had the joyous task of working the morning after the party… which entailed me cleaning up after the party. It looked like a trash bomb went off in the backyard! To any of my Theta Kappa sisters reading this — imagine post-mixer party clean up… times TEN! It was non stop moving and cleaning for hours and hours — at least is was terrific exercise!!! I felt spent after the cleanup so I laid by the pool and relaxed like a lazy bum for the rest of the day.

Day 75 – July 1 (49)

** I will post this separately… went on an awesome hiking/camping adventure!


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