On Top of the World in Spain – Breathtaking views at Teide National Park in Tenerife – May 28, 2014

Most of my days here on the island consist of waking up early-ish (since I suck at sleeping in), chowing down on some breakfast, then figuring out my adventure for the day. Teide National Park was #1 on my list of things to see and do on Tenerife… but given I don’t have a car and it’s quite far in island distance – I decided I would just wait it out and get there at some point since I still have plenty of time to explore the island.

Well today was my lucky day! During breakfast I was sitting with the Czech couple who I had met the night before at the Couchsurfing meeting (who ended up coming back to the hostel and stayed for 2 nights – they had been camping and with the weather wanted somewhere warm and dry!)… and they mentioned going to Teide!! My kind coworker kindly suggested that I should join them and BAM – I was going to Teide! Another German guest also decided to join us and 30 minutes later we were headed towards the park. It takes quite some time to drive up the mountain but the views are just AMAZING! You drive through the clouds and into impressive views of the peak of Teide and coastal views.

Once into the park we went straight to where the cable car takes you to the top (actually really close to the top – you need a special permit to hike to the tippy top). Even though there was a heftier price of 26 euro round trip(not necessarily a “budget friendly” attraction) … this was a once in a lifetime experience!! Luckily the cue wasn’t too long and we hopped on a car and took the 8 minute ride up. I don’t even want to explain anymore… I’ll just let the picture speak for themselves!!



On your ride down the mountain we can across a stray dog who looked super friendly… he was very skinny and we debated for a little while what we should do. A police drove by right as we did and didn’t seem to care there was a dog wandering in the middle of the mountain. We were in a very small car and we also didn’t know what we would do with her! A local had told me the week before that is was common here for people to just let their dogs go if they no longer could care for them. We all felt so bad but eventually had to drive away.

We stopped at a restaurant once we were off the mountain and when we walked in my one girl noticed a small poster taped to the wall… with photos of the dog we just saw!!! We got so excited thinking it was LOST poster — what is the likelihood that we come into some random bar and a poster is up!! Hallelujah we were going to save the dog afterall! Low and behold upon further inspection… it was actually a poster saying the dog needed a home 😦

After a cold one we started our trek back to the house… choosing the coastal route with its many twists, turns, and impeccable views! I was so tired and ended up falling asleep in the car for a few minutes! I made it back to the house just in time to celebrate Karen’s birthday. The boys had organized a little party for her and had out food and wine. We sang happy birthday and had ice cream cake (which I’ve been craving ice cream since I’ve come here…and I feel no shame in having two pieces haha!) —  A great way to end an awesome day!!


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