Highlights and photos from my SECOND week on Tenerife, Spain (May 21- 27, 2014)

Once again just using my little notes I’ve been writing to keep track of all the great things I have been experiencing… The one thing I’ve most certainly noticed about long term travel is how LAID BACK you can be about seeing “the sights”. I was so used to being somewhere for a week and rushing around to pack as much in as I could… now that I know I’ll be somewhere for a month or two I can do it at a much leisurely pace and truly enjoy myself. I highly recommend it!! 🙂 


Day 34 (8)- May 21

Expenses – 8 Euro for an amazing meal (SO delicious – I brought out my inner fat kid to stuff myself!) 

Relaxed by the pool and worked on my tan (a priority of mine after my Pennsylvania winter skin hasn’t seen sunshine in quite some time — plus I’m a total beach bum and came lay in the sun all day!)…went to Café Brasil to celebrate Vitto’s birthday in the afternoon and had such a delicious meal!!! I tried straight up octopus and it was quite good (I’ve done the whole calamari thing before but not just plain…. it looked like an octopus on a plate!) Wine was flowing and we were doing vodka carmel shots at 3:30 in the afternoon (I like their style haha!)… came back to the house feeling quite tipsy yet helped Mattia finish painting the kitchen BRIGHT yellow (Mattia cracked me up because I am still on American speed (which is get it done fast & good) — and he says to me “LinSEA… you r likea machine-a”) <– I love that I am living somewhere where I have a genuine crack up at least once a day! Later at night I started to watch The Bucket List in the living room my roommate but started falling asleep sitting up so off to bed I went! 





Day 35 (9) – May 22

Expenses – 20 Euro – 13 show ticket,

I had to work in the morning which meant cleaning up from painting (had quite the workout scrapping paint off the tile floor… i’m aiming to get in awesome shape while I’m here sooooo I’ll TAKE IT!), laid by the pool (when it’s sunny here I take FULL advantage!). In the early evening I headed with Mattia, Johanna, and Karen to La Laguna to watch The Sweet Vandals play (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uo53r4hXUOQ) — they sang in English so I was super pumped that I could understand what they were singing! It was a seated theatre but the majority of people ended up standing up to dance (myself included)… there was a buff looking Spanish man dancing in from of me and OH MY how he could move his hips (so cliche but oooh so true!). After the show we went out for drinks in La Laguna with some locals and friends of Mattia. 

Day 36 (10) – May 23

Expenses – ZERO

Worked in the morning, biked to La Barranquera and explore the “other” side of the beach and sunbathed – I was the only one on that side of the coast so it was super relaxing and peaceful (I shot a video in front of the cave which you can watch here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Su5V4KvQPY -! Later in the afternoon I went out with Bruno (his family owns Cafe Brasil) to Bambu Bar and learned Spanish (well attempted to learn Spanish… i’m trying! I didn’t have paper so my first lesson was written on napkins). We took a drive to a lookout point near El Pris along the coast then we went back to Café Brasil and talked more and drank wine before he had to start work. Mattia picked me up and dropped me off at Lagarto where a group of us decided to play Guesstures (Germans (2 were guests and 2 coworkers) vs. American (Brazil and me)… I was Skyping with my friend Peter in Philadelphia and he played too – HOW AWESOME is technology?? SERIOUSLY!  I got to act out sex machine, idea, Leonardo DiCaprio and some others! So fun!


Day 37 (11)– May 24

Expenses – 20 Euro (11.50 Primark, 8 snacks/beer for beach)

Met  David from Couchsurfing.com and went to Santa Cruz to walk around…after being in a more remote place for a week-ish it was kind of overwhelming to be in such a commercialized place! I wanted to pick up some extra cheap flip flops and an dress so I went to Primark and did my best to ninja the shit out of that shopping trip — I don’t really like shopping and add on a crazy crowd and my head pretty much wants to explode! After explore Santa Cruz for a bit we spent the day on Playa de Las Teresitas drinking beer, eating awesome honey mustard chips, and chatting with about life. ( About Playa de Las Teresitas –  In 1973, 270,000 tons of white sand was shipped from Spanish Sahara (now Western Sahara, part of the Sahara Desert) to create an artificial beach of white sand). In the late afternoon went back to David’s house in Teguesta to have a glass of wine and his dog Lucky was humping my leg (would drag over the bath mat and go at it! — what a responsible dog – using protection and all haha!). We listened to music and chatted some more then I came back to Lagarto – the soccer championship game was on and someone had rented the backyard for a birthday! The living was packed with people screaming and hollering at the TV. I was so exhausted but I hung out for a little bit, skyped with a friend from Cali, ate some paella from Café Brasil that was left over from the party, then paaaaaaaaassed out!


Day 38 (12) – May 25

Expenses – ZERO

Cloudy day… spent the day relaxing and making my blog look pretty! Worked out a little bit… cooked a yummy dinner for the girls of fish, roasted veggies & potatoes. At night I watched The Cider House Rules with a group of people (There were Germans, Brazilians, a Chinese guy – I had a moment where I looked around and just smiled! How freaking awesome to be surrounded by not only such diversity.. but such interesting people!)

Day 39 (13) – May 26

Expenses – ZERO

Worked in the morning for a few hours, took a bike ride to Jover to explore the coastline, hiked up the cliff,found the most awesome piece of sea glass (I seriously let out an audible DA DA DAAAAAAAAA!). I came back and took a nap in the hammock since the sun finally came back out. In the early evening I took a scooter ride with Silvana down to La Bararquerra to do some yoga and watch the sunset. She is taking an instructor course so we practiced – given my hamstrings are like rocks right now from all the walking, biking, and hiking I was VERY happy to stretch a bit. Once back at the house, I made a “leftovers” dinner with Jojo, Silvanna, Matti, and the German couple.




Day 40 (14) – May 27

Expenses – 20 Euro – glasses of wine, gift for co-volunteer, tappas of carne fiesta, more wine!

Relaxed and worked out in the morning out back of the hostel (which has incredible views of the mountains!) – wrote blog posts, went to La Laguna to explore– wandered up to the top of bell tower just in time for the bells to ring and scare the shit out of me (the lady said they were going to off at 3… even WITH this information I still jumped haha!).. wandered around some more before finding a place to have a gladd of wine and braintstorm some business stuff (sometimes I just need to purge my head and write it on paper… something about the pen to paper action is cleansing). I met with Paxti (from Couchsurfing.com) and we and walked around. He had lived on the island 7 years so was knowledgable in regards to pointing out some sights (even though we ended up finding a place to eat and talk). A bit after 8pm we went to a couchsurfing meetup at Café 7 – met AWESOME people! I feel so blessed to continue to meet people that have a similar mindset and values as I do… everyone is so open, friendly, and curious about their fellow human beings!




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