Day 24 (May 11th ) & Day 25 (May 12th)– London — Back to London to explore for a few days

Good Morning London!!! In my typical style I probably woke up way earlier than I should have given I was up extremely late… but I did manage to fall back to sleep for a while!! I was woken up by Brad telling us we only had about 15-20 minutes before we had to meet at the van…. which later ended up being an hour off given we had changed time zones!! THANKS BRRRRRRRAD ;-). At least it gave me more time to shower and relax a bit without having to rush so much.

I tagged along with the boys to the airport where we said our goodbyes – AAHHH it’s really that time already? HOLY SHIT! I literally had no idea what train I needed to take or where I needed to go but I just like to figure things out as I go along. I find the whole planning process of travel too tedious. Things usually work out quite well so I just go with the flow.

I found the train I needed and lucky more me it departed in 15 minutes! I was meeting my couchsurfing host in Picadilly Circus later in the day. On the train I sat across from a real live conehead. I shit you not. I actually took a picture to send to a friend but I feel completely evil posting it but this dudes head was shaven, shiny, and shaped like a cone! I got to my destination pretty easy and wandered around town by myself until it was time to meet up with my host.

In a previous post I wrote more about our time together so I’ll just simplify this post by listing the places I visited and posting some pics!

  • ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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