Day 23 – May 10th – Utrecht to Amsterdam to London

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No time for sleeping in when there is free breakfast available!!! I managed to get myself to the restaurant and chow down on some delicious food – the spread was fabulous! Looking around at the other patrons, I couldn’t help but notice that we stuck out like sore thumbs…. again. The clientele of this hotel appeared to be over the age of 65 – then there was us… some goofy looking Americans stumbling around and pigging out on the food goodies.

With the tour now complete, it was time to head back to London for one last evening before the boys were flying home…. BUT you can’t leave the Netherlands without visiting Amsterdam!!! Our ferry wasn’t until later than evening so we made the journey to Amsterdam where we literally had about two hours to explore. WELL let me tell you – two hours was plenty of time to experience the place (I would definitely like to spend more time there at some point but this trip was like the appetizer to what Amsterdam is all about).

Some of us were more stoked than others to have this time in Amsterdam (of course I was stoked!)… I decided to head off with Nathan, Brian, and Ed to explore the streets. Within the first 15 minutes it had started raining and given all I had was a thin jacket I was soaked within minutes – but hell if I care – I’m in freaking AMSTERDAM! We wandered through the red light district where the streets are lined with scantily clad females beckoning the travelers to come in for some happy happy time. There were ROWS and ROWS of them – some were gorgeous… others… well let’s just say they didn’t win the lottery in the beauty department. Yikes.

We wandered in and out of a peep show (I didn’t actually go in… only because I didn’t have Euro – I’m a curious person… I’ll save that for the next visit. YOLO). Given the opportunity to try a space cake (made with weed)… I seized the moment and went for it! You can just walk into one of the many cafes and buy it. I don’t like smoking/ingesting weed because I typically get super paranoid and it’s just not enjoyable (flashbacks to Miami and the weed lollypop) – but hell I’m in freaking AMSTERDAM!!! I took a few nibbles and just went on with my day.

To get out of the rain and relax a bit we found a pub and sat on the covered patio. It was nearing the time we had to get back to the van so off we went into the rain…trying to navigate our way back to where we were parked! Once seated… I was feeling some slight effects of the space cake and had a case of the giggles – nice. Ten minutes into the ride and I was cat napping it up! An hour or so into the drive we stopped to gas up and hit the bathrooms – given the effects were still very mild I decided to finish the rest of the space cake. BAD BAD BAD BAD BAAAAAAAAAAAAD idea. It all hit me an hour later like a ton of freaking bricks and I was miserable aaaaaah!

We reached the ferry port and had some time before departure. The sea was super rough and the wind was blowing so horrifically strong that it was rocking the van! We decided to wait it out in the lounge and the best I could do was sit at a table and concentrate on not having a freaking panic attack. My mind and body were in totally different places and I kept having thoughts of “If I go to sleep I won’t wake up” – it was the WORST!!! I just had to wait it out til the side effects piped the F down… that time couldn’t come fast enough I swear!

We boarded the boat, ate some dinner, then Brian and I found a quiet area where my intentions were to catch up on some writing and just relax. BUT the sea had different ideas about how I was going to spend my time. The boat was rocking back and forth…with massive waves pelting the glass window in the front of the ship. It didn’t matter about the humongous size of this boat… it was all about the motion of the ocean – which was treacherous to say the least! I started feel slightly ill and had to lay with my head down and focus on not puking my guts up (flashback to the yacht in Miami when I got seasick for the first time ever!). I would say today is just not by day in the feeling vibrantly alive department!

As the ship was docking we started to head towards the van parked below deck. We THOUGHT we knew where we parked but upon first looks we couldn’t find it! We ran into a few of the other guys and were frantically running around to find the van – cars were turning on to get ready to leave!! We made it back with about a minute to spare – PHEW! About a two hour drive later and we arrived at the Travelodge near Heathrow Airport. The lobby had a 24 hour bar so I hung out downstairs with Brad and Brian for a while (finally felt human again) before it was time to catch some zzzzz’s! Time to step out on my own tomorrow…… this American girl is about to be let loose! To what lies ahead…


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