Day 22 – May 9th – Dortrecht to Utrecht (Tivoli) – The LAST SHOW!!!

Walking adventures and pics with some of the band

Walking adventures and pics with some of the band

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I can’t believe the time has finally come –the last day of tour! Tonight was the seventeenth and final show of Suburban Legend’s Take the Next Step Tour… it has been such an amazing adventure and I’ve made many memories (and lucky for me I wrote them all down so I will have them forever!). I’m so grateful I was invited along on this journey with them – THANKS a million boys (love you bebs!). We arrived into Utrecht in the early afternoon…leaving us plenty of time to explore! Like Dortrecht, Utrecht is also like something straight out of a fairytale! Canals everywhere, beautiful cathedrals grace the skyline, shops and pubs line the cobblestone streets, and people riding about on their bikes.

Once I was all set up inside I went on a solo walking adventure around town to snap some photos and explore. I was debating stopping in a pub but given I didn’t have any Euro I was too chicken to try to use my debit card (given some places don’t take “swipe cards”)… therefore I just stuck to walking and soaking in the beautiful scenery! As I was making my way back to Tivoli (the venue for the evening), I took a turn into an alley and noticed a group of men up ahead. One strange looking man was walking towards me and I had a feeling I should turn around… which I did… but he still managed to catch up to me and starting chatting. I couldn’t really understand him at first and then the few words that I did pick up were that they were doing “paranormal” stuff in the alley. OOOOOOOK then! Thank you to my instincts for turning me around! Haha! He went on to tell me that he was the best paranormal around…. All in all he was very innocent and kind… strange YES… but non-threatening. I walked with him for about a minute before turning down a street and swiftly walking away.

Back at the venue I relaxed for a bit while dinner was being prepared. After I scarfed down dinner it was time to “work”. The room started filling up and it was time for the boys to go on! I must say that after watching them night after night I STILL get excited to watch them play – it just doesn’t get old! Brad said at the beginning of the tour that I would get sick of hearing them play “Hey DJ” (my favorite song) – well I haven’t haha! Every single show I’ve laughed, danced, and just had a blast!

Towards the end of the set Vince, the singer, called me up to stage before they started playing “Beauty and the Beast”. This is when they usually pick someone from the audience then pair them up with someone else… I’ve watched the awkwardness of this dance for three weeks… now it was MY TURN to be awkward. I had to pick out a person from the audience. I wish I would have been a bit more methodical about my selection process but since I was put on the spot I ended up just choosing the random, drunk, obnoxious dude that was right in front of me! It was a few minutes of unsynchronized dancing while Brian (who performs this song) sang around us… all ending with a kiss on the cheek from the drunk boy. I later learned that the boys were scheming up something behind the scenes but given I was out of the loop I didn’t take the bait (however it did cross my mind on stage!). There is more to the story that perhaps I will tell one day… but for now I’ll just leave it at this… Hmmmmmmmmmm!

With the final show complete it was time to pack up one last time and head back to the hotel! Lucky for us we were staying in a really nice hotel – going out in style!! Oh we fancy huh! What an incredible, memorable, fun, crazy, silly, and adventurous three weeks I’ve had… and to think that this is just the START of my travels!!


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