Day 21 – May 8th – Eindhoven to Dortrecht (Podium Dolhuis)

Strolling around town <3

Strolling around town ❤

dor 6 dor 5 dor 4 dor 3 Dortrecht


I shit you not I actually slept pretty decent given I was in a small dorm with 7 dudes. Go figure… I have my own room and sleep like crap yet when I’m with a ton of other people I manage to catch some ZZZZ’s. Such an anomaly but I’ll just take sleep whenever and wherever I can get it! I heard some rustling in the morning and did my best to just relax and sleep but eventually I just had to get out of bed, shower, and start my day.

Once we were all ready we wandered back to the venue and fetched the van – where we had a quick van meal (meaning we used whatever food we had in the van) before departing to our next destination… Dortrecht!

We arrived to the venue and got ourselves unpacked and settled in. From the view driving in, Dortretcht was such a cute and quaint town! It was drizzling a bit but that didn’t stop me from taking a wander around to snap some photos. As I was wandering back from one direction, Brad came out and was going for a walk in the other direction so I joined him… then Vince came out and joined too. We headed in the direction of the cathedral. The streets were lined with shops and houses – it almost looked like something out of a storybook! Given it was in the late afternoon most of the shops were closing and the streets were pretty quiet. Several canals cut through the town so we found our way across the water to explore the harbor and boats.

It was getting close to the time for the boys to sound check so we found our way back. I was pretty exhausted and parked myself on a couch in the  upstairs balcony area of the venue. Usually I’m not one to just casually fall asleep… but I cat napped sitting up… WHILE the sound check was blaring through the room – Guess I really needed some sleep haha!

For dinner that evening, the venue prepared us a delicious dish of cous cous and veggies – yeaaaaa something semi-healthy!! It was delish! The opening band also joined us for dinner and when the lead singer arrived she mentioned she was a fan of the band and that her band actually covered one of Suburban Legends songs. She was also super nervous to be sitting there with them! It’s awesome that the band has such great fans! I chowed down before having to head downstairs to the merch table. I was sharing space with the DJ – who made me question my own hygiene ALL NIGHT because he stunk like B.O. sooooo horrifically bad. Every time he would need to reach to his left (where I was standing), I would quickly turn my head and hold my breath – it was THAT bad. It wasn’t only him who was stinking up the joint… several people’s odors were like a swift and hard punch to the nostrils.

The boys came on and put on an awesome show… during their encore they had the singer and guitar player from the opening band come up to the stage and help out with the song they said they covered – how decent of the boys to think of that! That’s one special thing that just stands out to me about Suburban Legends… aside from being really great people they go that extra mile to make their shows memorable and interactive. EVERY SINGLE SHOW has some element in it that involves the audience members – I just think that’s so cool and unique!

With the second to last show now on the record, it was time to pack up and head back to the hotel – and more importantly… it was finally time to take some DEEP deep breaths of fresh air! Thanks for having us Dortrecht!


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