Day 20 – May 7th – Somewhere in France to Eindhoven (Dynamo)

Eindhoven adventures eindhoven skeletons smoke roomUp and at ‘em! Time to head to the Netherlands for the final three shows! We packed up and headed out…and drove straight to the venue, Dynamo, to load in. We got there JUST IN TIME for it to start pouring rain – super fun! The boys had given me the heads up about the hospitality in the Netherlands and upon arriving to the dressing room area we were stocked with goodies!! Sweets, chips, cheeses, meats, beer, fruits – time to be a fatty – yummy!

After sound check Brian and I decided to go on an adventure into town…as we started the journey he produced some walking beers from his jacket – NIIIIIIIIICE. Always prepared! The first stop was this cathedral that was really close to the venue. When you walked up to it there was clear Plexiglass in the ground and you could look through and see skeletons! WHAAAAAAAAAAAT??  We continued our wander around town and had no idea where we were going… but we made it back to the venue safe and unscathed.

A short time later and it was time for dinner – the venue was catering some food and I was excited to see some vegetables again. It was sooo good I stuffed my face! Once the doors were open I was off to the merch booth and given it was a bit quiet I entertained myself by doodling and watching the opening bands. The boys came on and did their thaaaang – which is always entertaining and fun. After the show the security guy came up and (from what I could understand with his thick accent) said, “I see a lot of acts come in and out of here and these guys are REALLY good” – WELL YEAAA duh! – one of the things I love about watching them play is just seeing people having so much fun, smiling, laughing, and just so in the moment! It’s nearly impossible to be sad during their set.

As we were packing up after the show the one guy was putting away the table as I was moving my stuff off of them. He was a black dude and had gold teeth – we briefly chatted and I did my best to understand what he was saying… he asked me where I was from and when I said America – he replied (very creepily mind you), “I like American girls”… I’m sure you do buddy but this American girl is about to go far far away…. SEE YA!

We were staying in a hostel within walking distance so we wandered back and got settled in for the night. ALL EIGHT of us were staying in one small room – I call top bunk haha (fingers crossed that no one snores tonight)! We hung out for a bit in this smoke room area which was in the middle of the hostel. Once again it was a mix of comedy, ridiculousness, and pure shenanigans. Brad was skyping with his girlfriend in the hallway and we all did our best to interfere and not let him have any alone time – SORRY Brad!  It was getting late and time for bed so I climbed up into my bunk and got my lap top prepared for some sleep music (I’ve been using it to help me fall asleep quickly and it totally works! Just go to youtube and search “Sleep Music” and there are tons of videos). I chose a video and was still surfing the net a bit… I could hear the music but it seemed faint trough my headphones. I was on Facebook and a video started to play all loudly and I heard someone go SHHHHHHHHHHHH – and that’s when I realized my earphones weren’t plugged into my computer! Oppsie. I’m smart. Really smart. Once I was all plugged in it was sleepy time pronto! Sweet dreams Eindhoven!


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