Day 18 – May 5th – Southampton (Avondale House) — Calshot Activities Center

Ahhhhhhhh a nice night of sleep… WHAT’S THAT? I wouldn’t freaking know given I haven’t had one in a while – but I wouldn’t trade it in for anything given this has been such an adventure!! We had to get up early (in tour time that means before 10am) because we had plans to go to this indoor activities center and do some “snowboarding”. I wasn’t sure what to expect but as always I’m up for anything! We got to the Calshot Activities Center and the girl working there greeted up and showed us to the café where they gave us a full English breakfast and coffee – NICE! After breakfast it was off to the locker room area where we had to find boots and a snowboard. The two women helping us explained some do’s and don’ts before taking us out onto the hill and given us a lesson.

The hill was made of this white astroturf-y stuff (which was super prickly through my workout leggings – I totally thought I was going to get a rash because every time I sat down (or fell down) my ass was itching so bad (I didn’t but I did end up with some brush burns here and there) – I’ve had weird bruises appear almost every day of this tour so add in a few brush burns and it’s almost like they are my adventure accessories! After we had the basics down we were free to just up and down the hill… we had a blast! Nothing like looking out a warehouse window at the sea while traveling up a ski lift (which was just a moving wire with handles you could grab)… in May… in England – craziness!

After the snowboarding session we took a wander out to the castle that was next to the center and had a look around. Then some of us decided to do this swing thing where you got hoisted up in the air then dropped down — it was a rush! While I waited my turn I took some basketball shots and managed to sink 3 three pointers in a row – BAM! Sometimes I even impress myself with sports haha.

We still had a bit of time before we had to leave so we headed outdoors to this obstacle course area where you had to work as a team to get through each challenge – I felt like I was back in summer camp or something – it was super fun!

It was finally time for us to head out because the boys needed to do a live radio interview at a local station. I managed to find a couch and laid down for all of 10 minutes (hey… I’ll take what I can get!). We were all super hungry at this point given it was late afternoon and we hadn’t eaten since breakfast – luckily Nathan came to the rescue with some pizza… which we had to eat in the van as we headed to the venue. What I found amusing about the whole scenario is that when we pulled up to the venue and opened the van door I noticed a piece of meat from the pizza on the side of the door… Brad had no hesitation in grabbing it and eating it! LoL I kid you not… no food EVER goes to waste with these boys – which I totally admire because I hate waste as well. BUUUT eating a piece of meat off of a car door… well I’ll just leave that to Brad haha.

The venue for tonight had a café/restaurant feel to it. It ended up getting pretty crowded in there – given there was no raised stage and I was towards the back of the room…. I turned a stool onto its’ side so that I could kind of see the boys play. I even managed to balance myself enough to dance and not fall over and break my face – success! Cheers Southampton – thanks for a fun night!


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