Day 17 – May 4th – London

Good Morning London!! Mark had to get up and out in the morning to go to a wedding but so kindly offered for me to stay in his flat and leave whenever I was ready. I attempted to sleep in some more but I suck at falling back asleep after I’m awake so I got up, showered, cleaned up a bit, then did some writing on his terrace that overlooks Primrose Hill park. The one thing I am learning to do better during my travels is to just slow down and not feel so rushed. Typically I DON’T have an agenda for once and I’m learning to not feel like I have to GO GO GO GO all the time… which is challenging when you are in a new place.

The band was arriving at the venue in Camden around 3 so I left the flat around 1pm and took a few detours to snap some photos on top of Primrose Hill (awesome skyline view of all of London) and wander through Camden Market. This was my first day of really having to walk with by backpack on and after about 30 minutes my shoulders were hating me so I stopped off in a pub just to get my pack off for a little bit. I found the venue, The Underworld, but it wasn’t open yet so I decided to sip on a cider and wait for them in the bar next door called The World’s End. A few minutes after three I headed outback and found the boys starting to unload. As weird as it sounds… I totally missed them and was happy to see them! When you are around the same people day in and day out for weeks you get to used to their company!! I was happy to report to them that I had not been tied up and survived the night just fine – proving there are nice people in this world!

After getting everything set up a few of their friends had come early and we all ventured out to Camden Market in search of some free samples… I then decided on Indian food which was pretty delish (I’ve had more Indian in these two weeks than I have in my life!). Sometimes I feel like I’m playing stomach roulette by eating out of these vendors BUT I’m still standing so I’m going to keep at it given its yummy and cheap!

The boys were anticipating a nice size crowd given the pre-sales was good and they had some friends coming into town. My merch table was around the corner in the other bar so I was kind of in a corner by myself… but luckily I had two handsome English boys to entertain me and I could admire their accents haha. Plus Ed, the drummer and my partner in crime, usually comes over before the show and brings me beer from the green room (Love ya ED)! The English boys fed me a few shots and I was feeling preeeeeeeeetty good (I typically don’t like to do shots – I could handle them in college but now they just kick my ass).

The venue was packed and the boys put on an awesome show! Annnnnd I make or may not have had my first English snog with one of the handsome English boys– what can I say… blame it on their accents. It was innocent and fun and an entertaining way to watch the show haha.

After we loaded up the van we had a bit of a drive to Southampton where we would be staying the night.

Can’t wait to come back to London!


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