Day 15 – May 2nd – Manchester to Ludford (Night off)

Time for another night off… and to head back to Ludford to relax at the tour manager’s house… once we got there and settled in everyone (as usual) immediately connected to wifi and got in their own little technology bubble. A few of us headed out to the market and I decided to tag along so that I could finally exchange some of my American money for some UK money – THAT’S RIGHT – it’s day 15 and I’m finally getting around to exchanging some $$! Aside from using my debit card a few times for some small purchases (usually a bottle of cheap wine)… I really haven’t had to spend a lot of my personal money – HELL YEA cheap traveler what whaaaaaat! I also picked up some snacks to have at the house… one was a bag of salt and vinegar popcorn – YUM. I’m pretty good at smashing a bag of popcorn myself (Smartfood is so addicting). My popcorn monster was about to come out because this stuff was the best! Yum!

At this point, it was late afternoon and Ed, the drummer, and I wanted to go grab a pint to celebrate his birthday… then Vince (the singer) and Brian (the guitar player) decided to join us for our stroll down the road to find the pub. Of course once we finally figured out which building it was it was closed – and didn’t open back up til 6pm! So back to the house we went where Laura, the tour managers wife, so kindly made us some pizza and wings and things for dinner… With it being Ed’s birthday I had the clever idea to pick up a Smirnoff Ice so that I could “ice him” later. This is when you pull it out and the person has to get down on one knee and chug the whole thing. WELL – lets just say icing someone with a large bottle is not a good idea. Poor Ed chugged about half and then got sick out on the road. OPPPPPSIE my bad –I felt awful… I had good intentions but NONE of them were to make someone puke on their birthday!! Eeeessssh! Luckily it was just a few moments and then it was over and he was back on the party train but still… SORRY again Ed! (However, when he went outside to vomit he left the front door open and their dog got out… we didn’t realize it til later BUT luckily Laura and Ed found him at the end of the village somewhere – PHEW!).

 Now that it was later in the evening… of course it was time to wander back down to the pub and have some pints! The town itself is super small so this is definitely a local hangout – so needless to say we stuck out BIGTIME. At least the drinks were super cheap – WIN! At first Nathan (the tour manager) came with us… I swear over time his English accent has been getting thicker and thicker. The longer time goes on the more I don’t understand a word he is saying haha! After a few drinks he headed back to the house so Laura could come and have some drinks with us. We had some great convo and laughs! Once back at the house Laura mixed some drinks at their bar/entertainment room and we all hung out a bit more. Lucky for me I had my own room again so time for me to get some good sleep (hopefully)!


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