Day 14 – May 1st – Liverpool to Manchester (Sound Control)

It was the usual morning of waking up, packing up, and traveling to the next place. On our drive we stopped and grabbed some Subway – veggie sandwich to my face! I never thought I would get to excited about eating vegetables because I was so used to them being around… on the road is a different story so I literally feel like I hit the jackpot when vegetables are available! We got into Manchester a bit early to we checked into the hotel and had a few moments to relax. Brad and I decided to head out and explore the town – the Manchester Museum was within walking distance so off we went to explore. We didn’t have much time before we had to head back to the venue for load in BUT that worked out in my favor given I have the attention span of a three year old in most museums. This one was actually pretty cool because it had archaeology, anthropology and natural history… I even pet a snake and got a cool photo of it yawning! After a quick walk through it was time to head back to Sound Control and meet the others to load in all the gear and set up for the night. Luckily at this point I have my routine down as to how to set everything up so once I was finished I decided to go wander around town myself.

I had a friend from San Diego get my connected with a friend of a friend in London and him and I had been chatting on Facebook and made plans for me to come to London a day before the guys so that I could explore a bit more (since at this point all I saw was the airport!). He mentioned going out to a nice dinner and since I’m living out of a backpack I didn’t really have anything “fancy”. I found a Primark within walking distance so took off on that direction. I eventually found my way and went it… as I was browsing I had no idea what UK size I was so I just grabbed a few things and tried them on (sizing FAIL). Aside from the fact that I really don’t like shopping…. Primark is a shit show of a store with people running about and just AHHHHH an anxiety attack waiting to happen! I walked out empty handed and figured I would just figure something out later. Always flying by the seat!

I managed to find my way back to the hotel and ate the rest of my Subway sandwich (super soggy yet oh so delicious) before meandering back to the venue to get the night started! I feel like I write the same thing about their shows EVERY night but it’s always a good time and great performance! This night was extra special because they helped stage a proposal mid show – the guys was so super nervous but it was so cute! The newly engaged couple then danced to Beauty and the Beast (The boys do a bunch of Disney covers since they play in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland terrace on the regular).

After the show was over and we were all packed up it was decided that we would just head back to the hotel… stopping along the way of course to get some hotel wine! It was almost the drummer’s birthday so we were celebrating. We had our usual great times and laughs before going to bed WAY too late haha. I can’t believe it’s been two weeks already!!!! Insert cheesy saying here  – > time flies when you are having fun!


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