Day 13 – April 30th – Glasgow to Liverpool (The Kazimier)


Even though the hotel/hostel place we were staying in was a tad creepy… they did offer free breakfast in the morning til 10am or something like that – AND we LOOOOOOOOOVE free! An alarm had been set the night before to assure that we would get up in time (because with going to sleep at 3-4am every night my body is all out of sorts). WELL THEN – that alarm went off and I was still a wee bit tipsy from the night before…. YES it was one of THOSE nights – Yikes! Some of us still managed to peel ourselves out of bed and head down to the breakfast area. What a shitshow of roughed up looking people haha (well not all of us… but still it was a scene – particularly thanks to Brad who was wearing sunglasses at the table!!!!!) White Russians galore + lack of sleep = an inability to function as a normal human being. Luckily they fed us a full English breakfast which slightly helped bring us back into reality.

The show must go on though…. It was time for us to pack up and head to Liverpool! It was the usual routine of uncomfortable van naps, candy crush, get to the venue, load out, set up, hurry up and wait etc. Ed and I decided to wander off into the city and find somewhere to eat. He was keen on eating McDonald’s (again….but he’s a 24 year old man…. I get it… I think… haha). We eventually found one and I sat with him while he ate… then it was off to search for a little grocery store so I could pick up something semi-healthy and cheap! I found an delish salad and also got a chunk of brie cheese and a baguette (The brie only cost 1 pound – saaaay what? That’s under $2 – heck yea bargain shopping champion!).

We wandered back to the venue and relaxed for a bit before the opening bands went on. NOW – I don’t mean to be a B-word (that’s bitch just to clarify) – but some of these opening bands for the boys are just NOT good. Just no. NOPE. NO Bueno in the music to my ears department. I tolerate it…. Sometimes use earplugs… but with how great of a performance the Suburban Legends give… I just don’t get the caliber of these opening bands. Sometimes it just sounds like these people are punching my eardrums with butter knives. I totally give credit to anyone who can get on stage and so their whole performance thing… but don’t they have confidants in their life that can just give it to them straight and tell them they are awful??? OK OK OK I swear I’m not a mean person but night after mother f’in night of these less than stellar performances gets old after time. At least I know the boys are gonna kill it every night (they are seriously amazeballs live –  add it to your bucket list people. I guarantee you will smile and laugh!).

Anywho – of course the boys went on and did their thing despite a weird-ish crowd. I’ve noticed that in certain areas people are just tightly laced so to say… like they WANT to dance to the music… but they just stand there like statues – so bizarre! JUST DANCE if you are feeling it people! After the show it was the usual chat with the fans… pack up… load up… and hotel it up! Yet another fun night ❤ HOLY shitballs – this is now my life! TWO thumbs up! What a far cry from being stressed out…disliking my job…and daydreaming of travel – I’m making it HAPPEN! *** Insert girlish squeal here!** Sweet dreamin Liverpool!


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