Day 12 – April 29th – Glasgow (Broadcast)

                Ahhhhhh woke up to a sun shiny morning in Glasgow. I managed to get a little bit of sleep but woke up to my usually morning  symphony of snoring… luckily they aren’t THAT bad. But I’m a light sleeper so as soon as I hear someone move about I’m typically awake for the day. Brad was getting up to go walk about the city… I followed pursuit a little while later and took off for a morning stroll by myself. I wandered in the direction of a park to explore for a bit. At this point I still didn’t have any English money but I was in super need of a coffee so I wandered into a Costa coffee shop and paid for my ridiculously overpriced chai latte. Usually ordering a coffee wouldn’t be much of a big deal but given I didn’t have any cash and had to use my American debit card I honestly got a bit nervous haha! Nothing is worse than getting declined for a $4 coffee BUUUT they did assure me that they accepted foreign cards (I still held my breath a little bit when they ran it – I’m such a nerd) Success it worked!

With coffee in hand I continued my walk down the street. It was a gorgeous and sunny day yet most people I walked by were bundled up in winter jackets and scarves…. And there I was in my t-shirt and gym leggings – WELL HELLO foreigner!  I wandered around town and found a park… snapped some photos… checked out Primark (CRAZY cheap clothing store)… then had to head back to the hotel to grab our stuff and transfer it to the new hotel we were staying at that was provided by the venue. The rooms at this place were super creeper status and I feel like I had to walk through way too many halls to find my room. I swear it was like 5 halls and 3 doors with a bazillion turns – strangest hotel ever! Luckily I was rooming with Brad and we had a top floor room with a smidgen of a skyline view of Glasgow (NO I have never seen the movie HOSTEL… but I’m pretty sure this hotel would be an ideal filming spot! – PS. It’s ok mom – I was safe with 7 dudes!).  Once in our room we had about 30 minutes til we all had to meet at the venue so I did my best to take a quick cat nap (I’m getting super good at them!).

The venue for this evening, Broadcast, was on one of the main streets in the center of Glasgow. It was a smaller venue that had the stage area downstairs… leaving no room for merch. Therefore I was shunned to the top floor. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO – my first night not being able to see the show! I totally realize I’m a spoiled brat because I’m complaining about this but that’s the best perk of being of the road with the band – they give an AWESOMEEEEEEE life performance! Luckily I ended up making friends with the doorman and he and I had an origami competition. I was making swans and he taught me how to make a cube – I guess sometimes in life you just have to make the most of the situation! It was such a tease though because I could feel the guys playing their show through the vibrating floor below my feet (this ended up being the one and only show I didn’t get to see so I’ll just shut up now and stop complaining haha).

Because the boys had performed in Glasgow before they had some friends in the area… so after their performance was over we all met up at this place next door called Sleezy’s (or something like that). The one girl was really into drinking white Russians so the rounds just kept on coming! EEEEK!). As usual it was a fun night with nice people and lots of laughs. We got back to the hotel and were all quite squiffy so we hung out for a bit – such shenanigans (Note to myself so I remember the little stuff – this was the “the face at the door” &” I have a lot on my mind”/chomp chomp chomp night!) —  Ohhhhhhh my – Goodnight Glasgow!!


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