Day 11 – April 28th – Glasgow (night off)


Our first night off! SWEET! The only thing on the agenda for the day was to drive to Glasgow (Scotland)… which was about a 4 hour drive. As we set out on the road I did my best to take some van naps and entertain myself with Candy Crush. I’ve been stuck on level 290 for WEEKS NOW! Freaking Candy Crush… such a powerful addiction haha. Usually I wouldn’t be so committed to conquering a level but given I’m sitting in a van for hours on end day in and day out with no internet service… my options are to read, sleep, or play Candy Crush (It’s now May 8th as I’m writing this and I still have beat the level – motherf’er!!!!).  Ok back to reality now…

On our journey up to Scotland Nathan took a pit stop to show us Hadrian’s wall… which used to separate Scotland from England back in the day. Some info if you fancy it – (Hadrian’s Wall  was a defensive fortification in Roman Britain, begun in AD 122 during the rule of emperor Hadrian. In addition to its military role, gates through the wall served as customs posts. A significant portion of the wall still exists and can be followed on foot along the Hadrian’s Wall Path. It is the most popular tourist attraction in Northern England and was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987.

We got out of the van for a bit and walked around… the countryside is absolutely breathtaking! So lush, colorful, and fresh smelling. As we drove off there were just field and fields of farms and sheep… with the sporadic group of hikers wandering about. So picturesque!!!

Just a wee bit longer of a drive and we finally made it to Glasgow! The original Travelodge we had reservations at ended up having some website glitch and screwed up the number of rooms we needed… which ended up working out in our favor because they transferred us to the Travelodge downtown and closer to where everything was! SCORE!  We had a bit of time to relax so we all dispersed to our rooms before heading out on a mission to find some dinner. Finding a place to eat that 8 people agree on is a task in itself sometimes but luckily we’ve become  pretty swift in the food decision making. We chose Yates which had this awesome deal of 2 meals for 6 pounds$$. Sweet! Plus they had free wifi so you know what that means…. Everyone on their phones! Usually I am so anti-electronic devices in group settings. I just think its poor etiquette to be starting at your phone the whole time in the presence of other people. HOWEVER – this situation is the exception to my imaginary rule because we are all around each other constantly that we have plenty of time for real life human interaction… and our access to wifi can be limited so when we get it it’s like BAM HALLELUJAH!

After finishing dinner we were thinking about going out but typically we are all so tired we would rather just get hotel wine and chill out in the hotel. The little store we originally went into didn’t take “swipe cards” (typical American debit cards) — they only took chip cards which is a popular thing over here. Why am I using my debit card you ask?? WELL — i STILL haven’t changed over any of my American $$ as I have not had to really spend any of my own money given I’m sleeping and eating with the boys. Some of us had to leave the wine store empty handed but NO WORRIES… Tesco was right around the corner and we soon had our hotel wine in hand.  These hotel wine nights are becoming some of my favorite times (aside from the shows of course)… because everyone is just relaxed and being goofy. I seriously almost pee my pants at least twice on the daily being around these crazies! Between the conversation and joking around there is never a dull moment. And tonight we even had some good  ol’ American comfort food because Ed and Nathan went for a late night McDonald’s run. I totally have eaten more Mcdonald’s in the past three weeks than I have in the past 3 years! I don’t necessarily consider it real food but a girl’s gotta eat sometimes (and the fact that it does taste freaking delicious).

Sweet dreams Scotland!


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