Day 10 – April 27th – Huddersfield to York (The Duchess)


Yup….yup… Lindsay is a bit parched in life right about this time. MUST drink water and get some food… yet most mornings we wake up we aren’t leaving til 11-12ish so we usually just wait til later to eat. The morning routine in my hotel room with Brad and Brian (guitar player) is trying to sleep in (even though Brad sucks at it and usually wakes up early) — but once I’m up I make coffee or tea for everyone and we gradually become humans again. I used to be so keen on getting 7-8 hours of sleep and eating the freshest foods possible. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOT on tourlife status. I sleep a few hours… eat wherever and whenever I can… and just go with the flow.

We all finally managed to gather around the band and drive in the direction of York. I had originally planned to go with Laura early but given we have been up a wee bit too late the night before that plan got scratched. I’ll sleep at some point on this tour right? Maybe? Please? Just a little? ON with the journey! I wouldn’t trade it in for the world!

We headed to York for the day and got there early enough to load in the gear and explore a bit! I headed out with three of the guys to wander about town. We found York Minster (a cathedral of sorts?), a Roman column, and walked on a Roman fortress wall! It was absolutely gorgeous and I totally had one of those “HOLY SHIT – I’m not at home anymore”  moments! AHHHHHH! No matter where you are on this planet… your backyard…your bedroom… or a Roman wall… you must – and I mean MUST – just stop every now and then and take it all in. Life is so freaking beautiful! Take it in people! I’m sure any other person from that town (meaning York) would have thought nothing of that moment that I just stood there looking at this beautiful cathedral (because they see it every day) – but we do get blessed each and every day with new experiences – it’s our job to sort that shit out and figure out where and what the beauty is!  Whether it be a conversation… a person… something new to eat… or just a new site in town. I urge you to just be aware and soak in these moments.

We eventually make our way back to the venue and got our buyout money (when the venue gives you money to go buy dinner) – so Ed, Brian, Nathan, and I decided to wander over to the Golden Fleece – voted the most haunted pub in England! They boys also had an interview so after we ordered our drinks the dude doing the interview ended up showing up so they just sat in a haunted stairwell chatting away. Yup – this is normal everyday life haha – The bar had articles all over the walls about their hauntings so I took a look about and read about children getting murdered in a schoolyard. Ummmmmmmmmmm ok then. .. I think it’s time to head back to the venue.

Anywho back at the venue and it was time to wait around for a bit for the venue to open – it was a smallerish crowd given it was their first time playing in York but was still a super fun and energetic show! The time had come to head back “home” (aka the Travelodge) for some hotel wine, massages, and more shenanigans (well at least that’s what goes on in my room with Brad and Brian) – some of the other boys are actually wise enough to get some sleep! Nighty Night York!


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