Day 9 – April 26th – Ludford to Huddersfield (The Parish)


Full on English fry up for breakfast? YES PLEASE!!! Laura is seriously the bestest host ever! She had quite the spread for us when we woke up. I chowed down on some eggs, beans, hash brown, and also tried some blood pudding (I thinks its blood and stuff – actually not that bad I swear!). We had a bit of time to relax before having to head off to Huddersfield for the next show.

Luckily we didn’t have that far of a drive and an easy load into the venue. The venue was across the street from a cathedral so I went for a wander around before heading back to play the sit and wait til the show game…. But come show time the venue was packed! I had this man come to the merch table with the most colorfully painted nails I’ve ever seen on a dude – multiple shades of metallic colors and whatnot. I had mentioned that I only had one color (red) on the road with me so he said he would bring me some when he came to another show (which he TOTALLY did a week later! Loved the surprise – thanks Stu!) I also had this other older man come up to the table drinking a bottle of wine with a straw – GENIOUS!! He even had these special straws that reached to the bottom of the bottle… I later found out that the last time the boys were playing a show there they had dubbed him the “Mayor of Huddersfield”.  Well Mr. Mayor … I think the next step in your alcoholism is to create your own line of wines with built in bottle straws. You’re welcome for that idea… just please send me my 10% royalty to my travel fund!

The show was amazing (as usual)… there is just so much fun and entertainment packed into each set! If you aren’t already following them on Facebook then you SHOULD… yes go now – just search for Suburban Legends and like that shit asap! They also have a ton of Youtube videos that are super awesome so go check those out while you are at it! It’s seriously pure happiness in song form.  As per usual after the show it was time to pack up and head out to the hotel. We were staying super close to the hotel and Laura (the tour managers wife) had come to the show so we had planned on hanging out at the hotel bar after we all walked back. After throwing my stuff in the room I came down to the hotel bar where there was a lively group of about 10 travelers hanging out – Laura saw me and starting loudly cheering…. Which encouraged everyone else in the bar to join along. Having people cheer when you walk into the room should happen everyday! Why don’t we do it more? The more obnoxious the better  – YOLO (yea I went there and used that term).

As we were sitting around Ed went to the vending machine to get snacks and came back with these Wine Gums (kind of like gross tasting gummy bears). Even though after EVERY bite we thought they were yucky tasting we continued to just smash the bag and eat them all… laughing the whole time at how disgusting they were. Once again… when you are on the road and there is something to eat you just EAT it!

It was getting late into the night… so it was time to finally head to bed. Great night Huddersfield! 


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