Day 8 – April 25th – Nottingham to Ludford (Night off)

Ya knnnnnnnnnnow – what can a girl do to get some sleep! Holy freaking shitballs I just need to sleep! Even having my own room (with no snoring and farting boys in it) didn’t do the trick. My bed was like sleeping on a pile of bricks… I’ve actually developed some bruises on my hips from sleeping on such hard beds (Note to self: must learn how to sleep on my back). Anywho… I had an awful night of sleep and literally saw every hour on the clock. It was raining out so atleast I didn’t feel compelled to rush out of bed to go see more. I decided to make some tea…relax…and do some writing. I just felt so out of it and sleep deprived!

With no show on the schedule tonight we were heading back to the tour managers house outside of Lincoln in a small town called Ludford. His address alone is like an encyclopedia (something like Wayside, Market Rasen, Magna Mile, Ludford –  say what? Ok then!). I was in and out of sleep in the van the whole drive — which is super uncomfortable because I totally feel like my head is too big for my neck… so when I fall asleep and my head starts drooping my poor neck is like NO NO NO so I get woken up. I totally need one of those neck pillow things but that’s just one more thing I have to carry around!

We got to Nathan’s house and I was one with the couch for a while. Nathan’s wife (Laura) arrived bearing snacks and treats and made us tea. After getting a slight burst of energy Ed and I decided to go for a walk. Their house is in the countryside – such beautiful surroundings! Once back at the house is was getting closer to dinner so Laura was preparing us an English dinner that evening of Shepard’s pie (which later on I found out it was beef which is considered Cottage Pie – I didn’t give a shit it tasted goooooooooood. Get in my belly you home cooked meal!).

Their house is in a small village… with not much around so we all just hung out, had some food and drinks, and relaxed. By some fluke in the choosing of the beds system we had that night… I ended up with my own room again! SCORE! I still ended up staying up way too late and not sleeping enough but that’s just my life at this point haha. I’LLLLLLLLLLLLL TAKE IT!


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