Day 7 – April 24th – Birmingham to Nottingham (Rock City)

Hallelujah! Looks like the boys just caught a 24 hour virus because they woke up feeling much better… a little weak and weary but no more extreme vomiting. It was time to head to the next city – Nottingham… home of Robin Hood. We got to the venue, Rocky City, and loaded in. Lucky for us the venue provided hotel rooms at the hotel next door… and ever better yet we each had our own room!!! As much as I love being around the boys all the time I think we were all ready to just have some privacy haha!

Once the boys finished sound check Brad and I took off to explore a little bit. He was familiar with the area so we headed towards Nottingham Castle to snap some photos…meandered by the statue of Robin Hood.. then headed to the oldest pub in England which is set inside of a cave (Ye old trip to Jerusalem – est. 1189AD) – time for a pint of course! We enjoyed our cold ones before having to power walk it back to the venue to get ready for the show. Rock City is big venue with multiple rooms…with the one lounge area turning into a club situation at night. With a university right around the corner we were informed it would be college kid central (which sounds fun in theory… until you see a bunch of college kids and feel old haha!).

When we are at each venue they either provide a dinner for us or give us money to buy our own elsewhere. On tonight’s menu was burritos – Yum! I ordered a chicken one with brown rice and veggies and whatnot. Doors opened before I got mine so I was handed it as I was standing at the merch table. I started chowing down because I was super duper hungry. After about 5 bites I quickly realized that perhaps Mexican food was a poor choice. A word about my stomach’s ability to intake food :  sometimes (usually at the least convenient times possible) – my stomach decides is just doesn’t want to be a stomach anymore and digest food… I end up feeling like death and like there is an impending doom of me getting sick. WELL this was one of those super awesome times where I had to be in a crowded place, talking to people… and trying to ignore the angry ninja food army wrecking havoc on my tummy. I’m happy to report I didn’t puke on anyone… however as soon as I got back to my hotel…well… you all don’t need details.

I immediately felt like I could function like a normal human being again so I decided to wander back over to the venue where a group of people had gathered to meet and head out on the town. Because the boys have played shows in most of the locations we visit they have friends … which is super helpful in regards to getting shown around! Earlier in the day Ed (the drummer) had wandered off by himself and found a place that had 2 for 1 drink specials — so that was going to be our first stop! We got there just in time to order a drink before they were closing down – success! He had made friends and been chatting with the bartender (this super good looking young duded) so they invited him to come along with us after his shift was over.

Our next stop was this place called Boiler Room. When you approach it is has no sign indicating that it is a pub… and looks like a storefront for a place that sells boilers. You enter the front into a small room with an unenthusiastic dude sitting at a desk. Had you not known there was a hidden pub in the back you would totally miss this place! We asked for a table for 6 and the desk dude grumpily and quietly said something into his microphone… a few moments later a door opened revealing another small room that resembled a bathroom. There was a wall with a sink on it and once you push open this hidden door you walk into a pub!!! How freaking cool! We sat and had a drink… ironically they had beer from Cali so we decided to try some out. As we were drinking the cute bartender from the first place joined us and I was chatting with him for a bit. Of course when he went to go order a drink at the bar the rest of the boys starting chanting my name loudly — oh the joy of being the only girl! Handsome bartender had a girlfriend anyway but that didn’t stop any heckling from the others haha!

We wandered off after the Boiler Room in search of a bar… after a few strike outs we finally found a little place that wasn’t too crowded and all sat down chatting and drinking. Two other men came up near our table so we invited them over. This is when I got my first English social etiquette 101. I’m not quite sure what part of England they are from but they were saying that making eye contact to people and being openly friendly is considered weird!! SAY WHAT? I had noticed that some people aren’t very friendly and they tend to ignore you – but I’ve come across that everywhere I’ve traveled! They went on to describe that this is the reason people drink so much – because then it lets everyone’s walls down and friendliness is “normal” when drunk!!! I’m sure this isn’t everywhere in England but I got a kick out of listening to them talk about it.

It was getting pretty late so we headed back to the hotel…as we were walking Ed was just so super enthusiastic about everything he was seeing. It was both of our first time in the UK so it’s been nice to share the newness with someone else! It was cracking us all up as he was just taking in the surroundings and describing his feelings… this was my first introduction to “Stoked Ed” – I had heard the band refer to him as this before but never witnessed it myself. Let’s just say I highly doubt anyone on this planet could keep a serious face when Stoked Ed makes an appearance…. Just the pure happiness and excitement is contagious! I totally wish I had enough battery life on my stupid Iphone to have recorded it… it was a riot!

 We finally made it back to the hotel…and  I was off to enjoy the privacy of my own room! We were staying in a nicer hotel (and by nicer I mean not a Travelodgle)… so my bathroom had a fairly decent bathtub! I didn’t care what time it was I was going to take a bath and enjoy that shit! So…there I was…taking a bath… at 2:30 in the morning in Nottingham. Life is precious 🙂 


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