Day 6 – April 26th – Cardiff to Birmingham

Damn am I behind — i will catch up i will catch up! I don’t want to forget any of these moments – it’s been such a great experience so far 🙂 looking forward to many adventures ahead!


Day 6 – April 23rd –  Cardiff to Birmingham (The Sunflower Lounge)

                I was half awake when I heard some noises coming from the hotel bathroom. It sounded like someone was dying a slow and painful death. It was a mixture of screaming, vomiting, and moaning all in one. At first I thought “Damn Brad went a bit too hard last night” – but after the 3rd-4th voming sesh followed by moaning in bed I knew something wasn’t right so I asked B-rad and he said he thought it may be food poisoning given he ate some seafood leftovers the night before (great life decisions B-rad!). I’ve NEVER – and I mean never have heard such vocal and violent activity coming from a bathroom – AND I lived in a sorority house for 2 years in college so this wasn’t my first rodeo.

                I did my best to get him a cool towel and ran to the front desk to have the guy google what I could do for him. It was awful! I lived with Brad for 2.5 years in Cali and he is no wimp so I knew he was hurting big time. We were set to meet at 10am so that the group could go explore a nearby castle… but right around 10 Ed came in and said Nathan was also violently ill with the same symptoms! UH oh’s – They  both ate at different restaurants the night before so the mystery was on as to what was causing these ailments. The group decided to push back our meet up time to 12.

                Noon came around and everyone slowly gathered at the van. Not only were Brad and Nathan sick… but Chris and Robot were feeling ill as well – half the group was sick and now we all had to sit in a van and drive a few hours together!! **Flashback to the snotting kid on my airplane over ** As we were waiting for the last people to come out I THOUGHT Nathan asked me if the orange juice in the front seat would still be ok to drink… I said Yea I think so — so he took a swig… then proceeded to run to the fence to barf his guts up! He got back into the van and said “I thought you said it would settle my stomach” – UHHHH SAY WHAT? Even though we both speak English I totally misunderstand the accent sometimes! Oppsie my bad!!!! Overall he said it was a good thing that he got it all out before having to get in the van and drive.

                I was sitting in the front between Brad and Nathan (the sicklings)– pretty much rubbing shoulders with them the whole way. Let’s just said I politely asked to leave a window cracked for some air flow. We stopped and got some water and medicine at the grocer before heading out on the road. A little while into the drive there was a request for an emergency stop via Chris – wells let’s just say we didn’t find a service station fast enough. Burping, farting, and now vomiting in a car– so glamorous hanging out with 7 dudes day in and day out! In all honesty though I hate seeing people sick and not being able to do a damn thing to help them. Puke on boys… purge those demons :-/

                We made it to Birmingham alive and everyone scattered to relax after loading in the gear. It was rainy so I couldn’t really walk around which left me to entertain myself with the internet for a bit and chat with people back at home. The stage was downstairs in this venue and it was a smaller-ish room – as people started arriving I could instantly tell it was going to be packed! My merch table was up against the wall… which made me pretty much stuck up against the wall as well! The boys did their thing and had a fun show…you would never know from their performance that half of them were sick! #professionals

It was a quick pack up of the van the off to the hotel for everyone to get some rest. I ended up sitting in the hallway drinking a beer since I got roomed with two of the sickos. Thank you Facebook chat and Skype for keeping me entertained for a bit! We made it through another day on tour…..barely.


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