Day # 4 & 5 – Bristol & Cardiff

Note – I decided to briefly skim through and reread this one and it has such a delightful mixture of weird punctuation, incorrect uses of tenses… and so on and so forth… Compliments of writing it well after it actually happened! Enjoy the writing debauchery that is my blog 🙂


Day #4 Bristol – Thekla

ON the rooooooooooooooad again. Time to head to the next venue! The details of the morning are hazy at this point given its been a few days – hence why I enjoy writing about my adventures because my memory is shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitty. Once we arrived in Bristol we were able to load the gear in the venue for tonight  — Thekla – which is a bar/concert venue on a boat! The stage was in the lower part of the ship which smelled absolutely delightful… brings me right back to my college days and how gross the first floor of the sorority house would be after a party (sticky floors, beer rot stench, and an overall smell of must and filth – so welcoming). Luckily we had quite a bit of time so I decided to head off into the town of Bristol to walk around the harbor and explore a bit. I purchased my first ice cream cone with flake (a chocolatey stick type thingy – that I honestly didn’t think was that good and tasted like chocolate plastic). I wandered around for about an hour then headed back to the venue to finish setting up the merch table. The boys had finished sound check so Brian (the guitar player) and I decided to go explore some more of the town. We walked for a bit and eventually found a Sainsburys (a market type of store) – it was time for me to experience my first 1.20 pound sushi … a small package of sushi that Brian is obsessed with. It was quite the wallet friendly dining experience – even with getting a single serving size bottle of wine! We found a spot to sit along the canal and I must say the cheap sushi wasn’t THAT bad. I’m still alive writing this so I would say it was a success. So there I was… sitting along a canal in the UK…eating sushi and drinking a wine….aaaah Life is Good.

We made our way back to the venue and I had a bit more time til doors opened so I took full advantage of the wifi. As soon as we have access to wifi everyone turns into an addict haha. Within the first few minutes of showing up everyone is on their phones or computers! Oh modern society – it’s safe to say I haven’t missed anything life changing yet… but it still is nice to stay connected with people back home.

It was time for the show – which was once again a blasty blast! Curfew on the boat was 11 so shortly after the show everyone was getting kicked off. Brad had some friends he wanted to meet at a local bar and since our hotel was within walking distance we (Brad, Brian, and I) wandered off. We found the bar where we were supposed to meet them but it was just closing – go figure! So what do we do instead?? Find a kebab shop of course! My first experience with a delicious kebab was after the show in Brighton. Nathan (the tour manager) knew of an awesome placed so we stopped and got one. That chicken kebab seriously made love to my stomach! SO GOOD! As for this kebab… I brought it back to the hotel and managed to get a few bites before sharing it with the boys.

We stayed up for a bit longer hanging out before turning in for the night. Another fun and adventurous day in the UK!

 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

Day # 5 Cardiff – The Globe

Gooood morning Cardiff! We were staying at The Holiday in Express in Bristol which serves a complimentary breakfast. I was stirring a bit and Brad let me know there was only 30 minutes before they stopped serving. Now a note about breakfast and food in general… the hotels we’ve been staying in don’t serve breakfast… and we usually stay until checkout (11 or 12) – then once we are on the road we may sometimes stop somewhere for lunch or just eat what is leftover in the van from the night before (the food the venue provides in the rider) – therefore I’m learning that when you can eat – Eat! The first few days on the road I felt like I lost five pounds from not eating a lot and moving around a lot (hey which isn’t a bad thing!).

Anywho – I wandered downstairs and had some eggs and yogurt and took full advantage of this cool coffee/latte machine they had. Ed came down shortly thereafter and we chatted for a bit. The hotel was on a busy street in Bristol and the road was just buzzing with people… a total opposite site than the desolate streets we were wandering in the night before!

We packed up and hit the road because the band had two radio interviews to do before heading to the next venue. The first one was at Bro radio in Cardiff. They did their first ever acoustic versions of a few songs (I posted it on my Facebook page). The next interview was at Radio Cardiff (I think – memory is hazy at this point).

We made our way to the venue (The Globe) and got set up. Unfortunately this place didn’t have wifi so Brad, Chris (trumpet player) and I went down to this little café for a bit while we waited for the Indian restaurant across the street to open at 6pm. I indulged in my first cider before heading over to the restaurant and stuffing my face with some delicious Indian dishes (I hate feeling super full but I just couldn’t help it – it was delish!).

The doors opened shortly after getting back to the venue… which is when I have to head to the merch table. I really enjoy doing it – I love meeting and chatting with people so it’s been fun. It’s the best nonpaying job I’ve experienced so far! How it works is I come along with the band… hotels and most meals are paid for either by the band or the venue… then I can collect tips (which doesn’t really happen because this isn’t a tipping culture –however  I did receive 5 pound tip from a lovely drunk older man who was chatting me up haha). Therefore I’ve been in this country over a week and have spent only $15 of my own money so far! Not too shabby eeeeh! I would take this gig over any paying job anyday – plus I get to see Suburban Legends play every night which is super fun and entertaining!

The opening band for the night were the Tafijah Allstars – who are local to Cardiff. They had a reggaeish vibe and were really good! The boys went on and did their thing. They have such fun crowd banter! One thing they have been doing mid show is trust falls… when Brian (guitar player) jumps into the crowd and has them catch him. Then they bring a fan on stage and have them do it! Makes me nervous EVERY night they do it but no one has been injured yet – knock on wood.

I was doing my merch thing after the show and I literally had have 10 inches of room between me and the wall where the boxes were lined up. I turned around to grab someone a t-shirt and when I went to swivel back around my foot caught the duffle bag and I totally wiped out – smacking my arm on the table on the way down. How elegant! Luckily it was just a chick I was helping and not some hot guy… which helped keep embarrassment to a minimum.

As usual it was now time to pack up, load up the van, and head to the hotel. Brad and I were sharing a room so I headed off to hang with some of the other guys so he could Skype with his girlfriend in Cali. A bonus about being with a bunch of musicians is that they all have messed up shoulders/backs from playing every night… so sometimes our hangouts turns into a shoulder rubbing party! My shoulders/neck are constantly tense so I’m all about it! 

Nighty night Cardiff!


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