Day # 2 and 3

Just a warning that the typos in these posts are probably going to be ridiculous! I’m finding it hard to keep up and I totally want to so that I don’t forget a moment! However each day is a new city and a new venue… I do end up having some time on my hands but I typically don’t have my computer around. We have a day off today (Friday) and are just relaxing at the tour manager’s house in Ludford. The band doesn’t have a show today which hopefully means I will SLEEP finally!!!!



Day #2 – Milton Keynes

Knock knock knockety knock on our hotel door…. Hotel staff: “check out was at 12…” – ME: “it’s after 12???” – “yes” — damn it jet lag!!! All three of us slept in!!!! Ahhh! It became a mad dash of getting our shit together and getting out of our room. The rest of the band was waiting at the classy “American” eatery known at Buddies USA next door to our hotel. We swiftly made our way to meet them – half alive… and I managed to order some type of food. I ended up eating onion rings — ONION RINGS PEOPLE! Breakfast of champions! I would typically eat egg whites and veggies for breakfast. Let’s just say I celebrated a little hard on our first night so I went with the fried goodness. I ate just a few and waited around for everyone else to finish up and our check to arrive. From what I’ve recognized to far… I don’t think this country is keen on quickness.

We were back in the van and off to the venue to load in. The venue was this bar/venue/apartment complex called Crauford Arms in Milton Keynes, UK. The owners of the venue (I think?) were these young guys who I later on learned had taken ownership and did a whole bunch of renovations… they were also going to be the opening local support band for Suburban Legends. These guys were super nice and welcoming! Now it was time for the exercise #1 part of the day – carrying in all the gear. Luckily with 8-10 people it went pretty quick. My role on this tour is the merchandise so I went about setting it up and writing signs while the boys waited around for sound check.

On top of the bar was where a bunch of the dudes lived and they provided the band their common living room space as a greenroom. I also learned that the venue provides what is called a “Rider” which is a mix of food and booze as per the band’s request. Treasures! Venues also provide food or a “buyout” where they give you money to go purchase a meal – SCORE! I’ve been in this country nearly seven days (as I’m writing this) and have only used 5.49 pounds of my personal money to purchase a bottle of wine on the first day. I’m all about being economical!!

After sound check there was a lot of waiting time…. HOURS… the boys refer to this as “tourdom” or the “hurry up and wait game”. We were staying a few blocks from the venue in this bed and breakfast so I walked back and finally showered and changed… then went back to the venue to snack and wait for the doors to open.

Lucky for me my merch table was in the same room as the band would play in so I got to see everyone perform. The opening band was Ocasan – totally check them out on Facebook – they were super good! Next it was time for Suburban Legends to play – YEAAA! I love their music and they always put on such an energetic, entertaining, and happy show. My favorite song of there is Hey DJ – check it out on Youtube here —- >

The performance was awesome… I met some nice people… and actually had a few English boys tell me they like MY accent? I’m like no no no no no – YOUR accent is much better…. But hey –if they fancy my Philly accent then I will just go with it J

We hung around upstairs for a while after the show with Ocasan and some of their friends – Eating…drinking… and being merry. Eventually we made it back to the hotel and I think I was asleep in 2 seconds. Night night England!

Day #3 Milton Keynes to Brighton

Ok so I think I should just write off getting any sleep on this trip. I usually totally suck at sleeping in but with jet lag and staying up late my internal clock doesn’t know what to do with itself. Brad had woken up much earlier in the morning so I was in and out of sleep for hours. He also discovered that all of his money (which was several hundred dollars) was missing from his wallet – WTF!!! He found our tour manager and they headed back to the venue to ask the guys who lived there. I finally got up and found myself an apple and toast in the communal kitchen.

We had a few hours drive to the next venue in so we all were meeting up to pack and hit the road. Brad came back and said the guys at the venue were in utter shock that someone went into his wallet (which at time was in a bag in the greenroom the night before) – as mostly everyone who was hanging out in that room later in the night was there close friends. There were a few people that came and left that were just acquaintances so the police were contacted – as of writing this obviously no one came forward to say they took it. The English boys narrowed it down to a suspect but it is a case of word-versus-word.

Back into the van we went and it was time to head to the coastal town of Brighton. As we rolled into town I was in awe of how packed the streets were with people! The town reminded me of Santa Monica and Newport Beach… with a pier, ferris wheel, and little shops and restaurants along the promenade. The street is raised up along the beach and the promenade is underneath…so the venue was actually under the road! It was a black hole in the wall… literally… this semi-circle shaped room in the side of the wall facing the sea.

Once the gear was brought in and the guys were sound checking I took a wander off by myself and stumbled upon a wine and food festival! I STILL (a week later) have no exchanged any money.. which is probably a good thing because it is deterring me from spending it! I did manage to track down some free samples – which seemed like a good idea until I tried some duck pate on bread. I couldn’t understand what the woman was saying but I didn’t want to be rude – it tasted like a mixture of blood and dirt… and I had nothing to wash it down with. Awesome.

I wandered back to the venue then went on an adventure to where the van was parked with Brad and Ed (the drummer). I decided to change for the show and put on my new flats that I bought at Target the day I left for Europe. I didn’t want to pack anything bulky… or anything expensive… so I thought they would be a good choice. WRONG WRONG WROOOOOOOOOOONG. They tore up my feet to the point where I was so desperate I used toilet paper and duct tape to patch up the blisters. Life on the road is oh so glamourous!

Brad thought he had misplaced his cell phone so he took off back to the venue and Ed and I sat on the beach (which was stones… not sand) and had a drink and chatted for a bit. With just a bit of time before the doors to the venue would open we quickly grabbed some sausage and chips at a little eatery then headed inside. A band called The Meow Meows performed first then the boys went on. ALWAYS a good show! So super energetic, happy, and fun. After the show we had a longer drive to Reading…. I pretty much passed out in the van after a little while and battled with the head bob until we got to the hotel. Once back at the hotel I caught a second wind and ended up staying up pretty late chatting! New night…new hotel…new super uncomfortable bed. Sweet dreams Reading!


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