Day #1 – Milton Keynes

NOTE to readers – SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM (if you are on the main blog page) and work your way up if you are the type of person that likes chronological order – forgive any grammar, spelling, or whatever other writing mistakes you will find in my posts. Yes I love to use dashes and dots – I write how I would speak! Since I am writing from the road my first focus is enjoying the sights and trying to record them as best I can. Therefore, in regards to proof reading  – Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!

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Soooo it feels like I have been here a month already and it is only day 4 (as I began writing this)!!!

I landed in London Thursday morning and shortly thereafter met up with the boys. We had to go on a bit of a hunt in Heathrow to find where their tour manager had the van parked. Lucky for me I only had my backpack – these guys were hauling a shit ton of gear and their luggage! We finally made it to the tour van… which is this vintage-y Mercedes bus van type thingy. It slides open on the side to reveal a table with benches around (where most of the guys sit)… has a compartment in the back for their gear… then enough room up front for the driver and two passengers. Brad called dibs on the front seat for us… saving me from the farting and raunchy talk in the back. Ahhhh that’s what friends are for haha!

Straight from the airport we headed to a hotel about 2 hours away…near where the first show was going to take place. The town, Milton Keynes, is super quaint. We settled into our rooms for a bit before heading out on a walking adventure to find some food. Along our journey we came across an open field of sheep. You could simply just walk in the gate and hang out with the sheep! The boys and I were super entertained – picture a bunch of adults (grown men at that). In a field of sheep. Snapping photos and giggling –  not a site you see every day!!

The first place we walked into had just stopped serving food (it was 5pm? WTF? I know we are in a different country and whatnot but what type of food establishment stops serving food at 5??)… we wandered on a bit more then decided on The Old George Hotel. You had to walk down a few steps into the pub…. And just a few moments later I was sipping on my first English pint – HOLY SHIT I’M IN THE UK! AAAHHHHH!!! Upon ordering food I was attempting to go the healthy route and get a veggie pesto sandwich type thing – theeeeeen everyone else was ordering fish and chips so how could I not?

While sitting around waiting for our food I decided to get a mini lesson in pounds and pences. To support the cause Brad decided to use the light on his phone so we could see the color of the coins. 45 seconds later some old dude came from across the room to yell at Brad claiming “quit shining that light… it’s going right into my eyes.” Ummmm ok then sir – you are far across the room – just look away you idiot. I had been warned about the rudeness of some Brits. Not even 24 hours in the country and we are already getting shamed haha.

We finished up our delishious delights and bee lined it straight to the convenience shop to pick up some booze – given we were all jet lagged it was a group consensus to just hang out in the hotel that night. Just checking out at the store was a circus in and of itself.. mainly due to the antics of a living cartoon character that is Brian Klemm. He was holding up the line and the chick behind the counter had such witty banter and was giving it right back to him. Apologies to the 5 people that got stuck in line behind us haha! Once he was finished at the one register he held up the other because he saw wrestling cards for sale… One look at him and it will pretty much explain itself (he’s in the pink in the video below).

My drink of choice is always red wine – and here in the UK you can pretty much wander around drinking. Brad had cracked open his cider so I joined him and was drinking wine out of the bottle…and wandering pasts fields of sheep. Life can be OH so random! Once back at the hotel the majority of us hung out in Brad, Brian, and my room and listened to music, drank, and chatted. Hanging out with a bunch of dudes is just entertainment itself – but this bunch is exceptionally entertaining. Just imagine a living version of this —  — day in a day out. Endless laughing…. Life is good.

Our original supply of drinks for the night quickly dwindled… we vastly underestimated our ability to stay awake…. Therefore off to the convenience store for round 2! Somehow we got on the topic of having bad backs and being sore all the time (an affliction of mine for 15 years!)… A week before I left I actually went to the chiropractor and she said I was by far the stiffest person she ever felt. My muscles (especially in my neck and shoulders) are freakishly tight and sore. Most likely compliments of sleeping on various beds, air mattresses, and couches over the span of the 8 months I lived back in Pennsylvania…

Anywho –  I’m always down to exchange massages. I get so desperate to loosen my muscles that I’ll use balls, walls, edges of chairs – anything that will relieve some of the tension… so when someone offers to massage me if I will massage them – COUNT ME IN! Brian tore my shiiiiiit up! He actually got between my shoulders to crack which even the chiropractor couldn’t do – SCORE! I also got my first lesson in dreadlocks from our tour manager – who has been committed to his for 15 years and they are down to his ass! Learn something new everyday…

We finally started to wind down and get ready for sleep… I made it to 3am-ish…after taking a red eye to London…getting only 2ish hours of sleep. Thank you adrenaline for pulling through for me! Just to think that tour hasn’t even started yet….. Good times ahead!!


2 thoughts on “Day #1 – Milton Keynes

  1. Greetings,
    First, I commend you for travelling!
    About Day 1, Milton Keynes:
    This is my first look at your travel blog, so hopefully your thinking has expanded. I’m referring to your thought-comment that the bloke who spoke to you about your phone flashlight. Your comment (at least you didn’t say it to him) that HE should look the other was and that he was an ‘idiot’ was, well, the kind of self centeredness that I hope you outgrow. It’s time to start thinking about the impact your behavior has on others…isn’t that part of what you are learning from your blog? Do you enjoy hearing other people’s phone conversations while on the subway or a bus?
    Please be a thoughtful guest…you represent your country, and trust me, everyone, everywhere you go, will know you are an American.

    • Hi Abby,

      Thanks for checking out my post 🙂 By no means was my writing meant to be offensive. As you noticed, this comment was not verbally expressed to this man – just a thought/frustration. These early blog posts were my method of keeping track of the ins and outs of my days, as well as personal thoughts. I’ve never claimed that I am perfect. However, I am fully confident that I am a respectful and thoughtful traveler – especially now that I have many many months under my belt! As you can see, this blog post was from day #4 — my first few steps into traveling. As the saying goes… you live and your learn. Safe travels to you and thanks for stopping by!

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