Day 9 – Miami, Sunday August 11th

NOTE to readers – SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM (if you are on the main blog page) and work your way up if you are the type of person that likes chronological order. The first post is “The Backstory”. ALSO –forgive any grammar, spelling, or whatever other writing mistakes you will find in my posts. Yes I love to use dashes and dots – I write how I would speak! Since I am writing from the road my first focus is enjoying the sights and trying to record them as best I can. Therefore, in regards to proof reading  – Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!

– – – – – – – – — – – – – – – — – – – – – – – – – – –

In straight up Lindsay fashion I was up pretty early. I willed myself to go back to sleep but finally broke down and looked at the clock. It was a little before 9am so I got up to take LaRoo for a walk. No one else was around but the crew working and cleaning the boat. I went back down to the room to lay down for a little bit but the slight rocking of the yacht combined with my slight hangover was a deadly combination so I decided to just get up and start my day. I crossed paths with one of the crew and asked if I could please have some coffee. Of course it was the crew member that didn’t speak any English but he went to fetch the chef who knew English. I asked if it was possible to get a cup of coffee and he said sure just a minute. I sat at the back of the yacht looking over the marina and a few moments later coffee appeared in from of me. NICE. Getting a taste of this lifestyle sure makes me want to work hard at my business and makes some money honey $$$!

I sipped on my coffee while reading a gossip magazine I found in the living room on board. The crew were still cleaning so I decided to take my coffee back down to the room and relax a bit more. I texted my friend that I was up and to get in touch with me when she got up (she was in the room next to mine). 

I waited it out as LONG as I could before I decided I would go get my car and go exploring. I HATE WAITING AROUND!!! aaaah and it was getting to be afternoon and I didn’t want to waste the day. I made my way back to my car and decided to take a cruise down Ocean Blvd in South Beach. TONS of people were out and about eating brunch and walking about. I was trying to find parking but was totally unsuccessful. I continued my hunt for a coffee shop (figured I would grab a bite to eat and write)… and finally settled on Taste which happened to be a few blocks down from the yacht. I ordered a bagel and grabbed some coconut water before setting up shop on the patio with LaRoo. 

As soon as I got comfortable my friend texted me back saying she was up, breakfast was being served on the yacht, and to come back because they were moving to a different marina. I quickly packed up my crap and was on my way. I made it to my car when she called me and said the boat my leaving right NOW. Uh oh. It took off without me! Luckily they were only going a few miles away and I was told to go to The Setai hotel and meet there. It took a few minutes for me to get there but then had to deal with parking AGAIN. Damn. I pulled into a lot but it was $20 and a 6 hour maximum. Not knowing how long I was going to be on the yacht, I asked if there was a garage.

I found one around the corner, parked, and walked towards the hotel. JUST as I was arriving I received a call from my friend saying I needed to go back to the other marina because the duffy boat was unable to pull in at that beach to get me. She also said other people were meeting up so to call them to coordinate. 

Back at my car I paid the $2 parking fee (thank goodness I didn’t pay for the other lot – shit always tends to work out like this for me!), called the others, and we were all going to meet back at the marina. I arrived first so I took LaRoo for a walk before finding shade….it was so hot and humid that sweat was just flowing. Gross.

The people I was meeting with called and said they were at Monty’s having a drink. I wasn’t sure exactly who I was meeting up with but when I arrived I discovered it was a couple I was with the night before. At first the restaurant wouldn’t allow LaRoo on the one side of the fence but as I was standing there talking to them they said I could come in but if anyone asks she is a service dog. THANKS yo!

A few more girls arrived and I pretty much sat there and entertained myself given everyone was speaking Spanish. I figured it was good training for me since I want to travel internationally – better get used to not having a clue what people are talking about! Once the last girl arrived we were on our way to the duffy boat that was waiting at the dock.

At this point I wasn’t exactly sure where the yacht was and was just expecting a nice short ride to go meet up with the rest of the group. There were 6 of us and 2 of the crew on this small boat. We started making our way and the water was instantly super choppy. I’m not talking like a little choppy…I’m talking waves as big as the boat!! At first I was like AHHHH this is an awesome adventure – but then that quickly turned to me envisioning the boat flipping over and having to swim to shore. We zigged and zagged in and out of these massive waves. Sea water would sporadically come crashing down in the boat and after about 15 minutes I was totally over it and wanting solid ground ASAP. Little Miss LaRoo just laid and slept in my arms as I sat there a little terrified that I was about to be shark bait!

Once we rounded the jetty the waves subsided slightly but I could see the yacht anchored out in the ocean in the far distance. FML. This is still going to take a while!!! I did my best to just relax and enjoy the ride as much as I could but towards the end of that crazy duffy journey I was feeling like crap – I just felt a bit off…like someone jumbled up my insides.

As we neared the yacht I saw people jumping topless off the top deck – say whaaaaaaaat? Am I secretly in a rap video?? Kidding…kidding. We pulled up to the back of the yacht and both vessels were rocking so bad it made it difficult for us to jump onboard the yacht. Two crew members reached out to grab my arms and yank me onboard. HECK YEA I made it alive! I made my way up to the second floor where everyone was relaxing and immediately sat down. I felt like someone had kicked my ass and I just couldn’t get my footing back. I quickly took a Dramamine and laid down on a lounge chair at the back of the boat. I waited. And waited. Praying to feel better. After about 30 minutes I got back up and attempted to join the group.

NO BUENO. I felt like I was about to toss my cookies so I made my way to my cabin and up came my guts. GROSS. This is exactly how I pictured my yacht experience! One of the other girls from the duffy ride wasn’t feeling well either and she claimed a combo of mineral water, lemon, and salt was helping her queasiness so I decided to give it a try. NOPE. NO. NOPE. Up it came. Damnit. The ocean was so rough and this large yacht was being tossed backed and forth. The group was chatting (in Spanish of course) and some kind people were trying to translate for me but I could barely concentrate on anything but trying to not throw up on myself. A gorgeous spread was placed in front of us for lunch and everyone started digging in. My friend handed me a bit of cracker which I took the smallest bite from before feeding it to LaRoo.

The drinks were flowing and I politely declined when the crew member asked but the owner of the boat said NO NO NO pour her one. OH GEEZ. I ordered a Cuba lite (how you order a rum and coke in mexico – cheers to me for learning some Spanish) but let it sit there and watched the ice melt. After a little while (and still feeling like absolute junk), everyone was being so kind and offering some type of sea sickness remedy…the owner of the boat said TEQUILA!!!! As bad of an idea as it sounded he claimed “at least get your mind and body on the same page”. The logic worked for me so before I knew it I was throwing back a shot.

FAIL. A major, major FAIL. Within 20 seconds I looked at my friend and excused myself. I could barely make it to my cabin before I was spouting tequila into the bathroom sink. It even came out of my nose. Way to keep it super classy on this fancy yacht Lindsay. I rock at life.

At this point I decided I was just not going to put ANYTHING into my system and do my best to wait it out til we docked. A few HOURS later (longest moments of my life) we were headed back to shore. As we pulled up I was never more happy to be STILL. It didn’t take much time for me to finally start feeling better. If you’ve never been sea sick GOOOOOOOOOD for you. It was my first time and it totally sucked and was the worst timing EVER haha!

The group was deciding what we were going to do that night and once it was decided we were going to go out to the clubs everyone disbanded and some people went back to the one guys condo to get ready (my friend included). I decided to hop into the hot tub to relaaaaaaax and unwind. Being sea sick kicked my ass and I just needed a moment to enjoy not throwing up and feeling like crap. The owner of the boat joined me and he chatted with the others while I texted and played on my phone. The one crew member (who was this super sweet young guy who didn’t speak any English) continued to come and check on me and fill up my Cuba lite.

I mentioned I was hungry and within minutes the owner of the boat said something to the crew and a plate of food was set out on the table. ARE YOU SERIOUS?

A little while later the others came back and were ready to rage. I was just about ready to cuddle up and go to bed and my friend was as well. I decided to keep it a quiet night and went back to my cabin and crashed out…not before saying a prayer about never EVER getting sea sick again.

Sweet dreams Miami.


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