Day 6 – Austin to New Orleans (a hell of a drive)

NOTE to readers – SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM (if you are on the main blog page) and work your way up if you are the type of person that likes chronological order. The first post is “The Backstory”. ALSO –forgive any grammar, spelling, or whatever other writing mistakes you will find in my posts. Yes I love to use dashes and dots – I write how I would speak! Since I am writing from the road my first focus is enjoying the sights and trying to record them as best I can. Therefore, in regards to proof reading  – Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!

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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO my last day in Austin has finally arrived. I woke up and drove New Yorker to work since his bike was being problematic. He said he was going to try to take a half day to come hang out with me before he left. Even though his work was not too far away traffic coming back was a MAJOR fail so it took me a bit of time. 

The night before I had a very vivid thought come to mind of an image of a tattoo I wanted to get to honor my friend Chad. He always wanted to travel and it just felt so right for me to get it done in Austin since that is where I was when I learned the news of his passing. I didn’t really say anything to anyone before I got it done — just my friend Tina in LA since we were chatting online. I went on Yelp and searched for tattoo shops and started calling around. I found a place with a lot of reviews and they had a 5 start rating so I was told to come in around 1:30. 

I continued some writing in the morning til 12:45 rolled around and I had to go pick New Yorker up from work. When he got into my car he claimed, “This is it. I’m giving myself a month. Then I’m finding something else.” — he had mentioned he was looking for new opportunities or to possibly travel so I said something along the lines of GO FOR IT!!! I sat in a job I was unhappy at for years so I’m a huge advocate for NOT doing that shit. Have a little faith that things will work out – life is too short to be depressed and anxious at a job you despise!

Anywho – once in the car I shared with New Yorker that I was serious about getting a tattoo and he knew just the spot to take me. We made our way to Spiderhouse cafe which is this chill, eccentric complex that has a tattoo place right next door. We went upstairs and I was introduced to the tattoo artist. I shared what I wanted and he quickly sketched something up. THIS DUDE READ MY MIND! it was exactly how I imagined it. He put the stencil on arm, said he needed some time to set up, so New Yorker and I went to the cafe for queso dip and a beer (I wasn’t nervous at all about the tattoo but it did assist in my relaxation 🙂 ). 

Fifteen minutes later I headed back upstairs and about 10 minutes later I had my very first tattoo! Both the tattoo artist and New Yorker said it was going to huuuuuuuurt but it surprisingly didn’t even hurt at all! WIN! I absolutely loved it and just felt such joy and excitement that it all happened so easily. Now Chad was on this journey with me…

Once back at the car New Yorker had one more spot he wanted to take me to check out. We arrived on the west side of town at this graffiti park. It looked like a concrete jungle with walls and ledges… I’m not sure what building it was eventually going to do but NOW it was a place where graffiti artists were allowed to come and paint as they please. We climbed up the side of the complex to get to the top to snap some photos. 

It was getting to be late afternoon and I had to get on the road so we headed back to New Yorker’s place where I gathered my stuff, said my goodbyes, and with that I was headed east again.

The drive from Austin to New Orleans is HELLISHY long… I don’t even want to write about it because it was that uneventful. I did my typical car driving activities (chatted with friends, music, books on tap, sunflower seeds, pet LaRoo…repeat). 

I found a Motel 6 just outside of New Orleans and checked myself in at 12:45am. As I was standing at the night check in window there was a dude on a phone just yelling and hollering to someone and another man waiting to check in as well. The man standing next to me said he was in town dropping his daughter off at the train station (she was a few feet away in the car entertaining herself on the phone). He asked if I was traveling alone and i WISH i was slick enough to say “No my boyfriend is meeting me” but I was a dumb dumb and said yes…just my dog and I and i was driving cross country. The guy seemed pretty non-threatening. Typical dad status with a dorky t-shirt, beer belly, mustache, and glasses. I got my room key and made my way to my accommodations. 

The room was surprisingly nice but was on the first floor. I don’t like first floor rooms as I feel they are less safe for some reason. Must of been a result of having caught a peeping Tom staring at my through my bedroom window when I was living in Philly 6 years ago. I made sure the curtains were closed tight, took a shower, and snuggled up with LaRoo.

I was feeling a little on edge so I decided to keep the light on and cover my eyes with a towel. The air conditioner was located below the window and every time it was about to turn off it would make this weird sound that sounded like someone was banging on the window…. FREAKED ME THE F OUT every time I heard it. I managed to fall asleep but my lovely imagination kept kicking in and keeping me half awake. 

At least I made it to NOLA! 


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