Austin – Day 2 – Sunday, August 4th

NOTE to readers – SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM (if you are on the main blog page) and work your way up if you are the type of person that likes chronological order. The first post is “The Backstory”. ALSO –forgive any grammar, spelling, or whatever other writing mistakes you will find in my posts. Yes I love to use dashes and dots – I write how I would speak! Since I am writing from the road my first focus is enjoying the sights and trying to record them as best I can. Therefore, in regards to proof reading  – Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!

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After leaving the boys house I decided that I would head to Lake Travis for the day. I was in one of those moods that I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted. Did I want coffee? Should I stop? Was I hungry? I had no clue at this point so I just drove to Lake Travis and figured I would decide when I got there. Someone had recommended that I check out The Oasis (which overlooks Lake Travis) but when I first arrived it was desolate. I wasn’t sure exactly where I was going so instead of mapping where I should I just drove on and followed my instincts. I ended up down in a state park recreation area but didn’t want to pay the money to get in so I pulled off and looked things up on my handy dandy phone.

I had heard of Hippy Hollow from doing some research about Austin but had not intended on visiting this nude, hippy beach. However…. once at Lake Travis I realized I was right there so I though… YOLO – time to fix my tan lines! With LaRoo already nekkkked and ready to let it all hang out, I pulled up to the park toll booth and quickly saw a sign that said NO PETS. DDDDDDDDDAMNIT! The signs kick my ass again. I asked the guy at the toll booth where I could go with my dog and he directed me a mile down the road.

I turned into another state park that allows dogs and was told to “just drive down and park on by the lake”. As I started my journey, the path to the lake was super unclear. I think it was just a matter of get down there however you can. At times I questioned if I was allowed to drive where I was but no one was really around so I figured I could do as I please.

Since it was only 11am by this point I easily found a spot lakeside and set up camp. For some reason I couldn’t find my quilted beach blanked (still missing in my car) — but I did have  a black yoga mat and a bright yellow fleece blanket. WORKS for me! Because it was scorching hot I promptly made my way to the water with my lovely sidekick and made her practice her swimming skills. The “ME NO LIKE SWIMMING” face was in full effect!

Within a few minutes of getting out of the water a young guy and his dog were strolling by. Dogs are definitely conversation starters (sometimes for the better…sometimes for the worse)… the young guy asked me what kind of dog  and we had a polite chat. I assumed he was in his late teens or early 20’s – and he kind of gave off a creeper vibe so I kept the convo quick and polite and wished him well.

I returned back to my yoga mat makeshift beach towel and relaxed in the sun for a bit. Young guy (I’ll refer to him an 19 –since that is how old he was) strolled by and asked me if i wanted to go for a walk. I stated I was “Just having a relaxing day and reading but thanks anyway.” He walked off but moments later started blaring dub step out of his car. I looked at the people 50 feet away to me on my left and could tell they were equally as annoyed as I was with his blaring stereo. I like a little Dub Step from time to time but not while I’m trying to chill.

With my yoga mat all sandy and dirty I took it to the water’s edge and rinsed it off. As 19 saw me doing this he asked if I was leaving. I told him “Not yet” but proceeded to move my stuff from the right side of my car (where he was about 75 feet away) to the left side of my car… so he didn’t have a direct line of vision to creepily watch me.

YOU THINK that would send him a hint that I wanted some peace and quiet with BUT au contraire…

Ten minutes later 19 comes strolling on up to me. With a book in my hand I stated I was just trying to read and relax but 19 thought it appropriate to sit on down three feet from me and strike up a conversation. Usually I am super nice and courteous but at this point I was irritated and about to bluntly tell him to go away.

To give you a visual of this guy… be was a mix between looking Asian or hispanic, had awful chest & face acne, was wearing a long peace sign necklace embellished with crystals which were sparkling in the sun, and his hair was short and stuck out in all directions.

For the first few minutes of him blabbering on what whatever, I really had to resist the urge to tell him to F off (well I wouldn’t really put it that way but something along those lines). But once I started to listen to what he was saying he seemed like an interesting person so I calmed my  nerves and figured perhaps I could learn something from him.

Apparently he graduated from high school at 13, graduated college at 16, has a masters in Physics, and going for his doctorate in a few months. The first time he took the SAT’s he missed a perfect score by one question but the second time he got a perfect score. From what I gathered he lived in the Houston area where “rich people live” in a house by himself and has a job doing some sort of metal work so that he can “be normal”. Yet he claims some top university (I forget which one) wants him to be a professor and a lot of schools want him to attend their doctorate program.

I was trying to put it all together in regards to how he affords this and he said he lives off scholarship money? I was like REALLY? Apparently you can use scholarship money for whatever you want… news to me!

His passion is making dub step and he claims to have just received a record deal from Sunset Studios in Hollywood. He has 10 computers or something that he creates music on and yadeyadeyada.

Somewhere in the conversation (towards the beginning) the topic of age came up and when I told him I was almost 30 he was shocked. He said “NO WAY, you look much younger” (now usually this is a compliment but when it comes from a creeper it does JUST THAT… creep ya out!).

As if it wasn’t already awkward enough, 19 proceeded to tell me that he just lost his virginity last year and that he has a hard time meeting girls because he just works and goes to school (he was pretty much talking to my boobs the whole time considering I was in a bikini) — EEEEK just gives me the heebie jeebies typing this. I think I just vomited in my mouth a little bit.

The good news is is atleast 19 is self aware because he admitted he can be “socially awkward” and he can’t pick up on sarcasm….. UMMMM you might want to add “taking a hint” to that list too buddy!  All in all he was non-threatening and I got a good laugh out of that weird interaction. He asked if I was on Facebook and I quickly tried to figure out a way to get out of it but wasn’t feeling very slick at the time soooo we became Facebook friends. He said he had developed a fake girlfriend and would make posts so that if his friends looked at his page it would make it look like he had a life (oh geeeez!).

*UPDATE on 19: He messaged me on Facebook and here was our delightful convo

  • 19: Hey
  •  Me: hey whats up
  • 19: Taking a shower. I have a convention to be at today
  • Me: nice have fun! i’m still in austin LoL! love it here. about to head out sightseeing. enjoy your day
  • 19: Well. I don’t wanna sound. Weird? But umm. I kinda wanted to see. Your. Boobs?
  • Me: No. don’t be fresh or i will delete u
  • 19: Okay sounds good

And so he was deleted….. Creeper.

Even though I wasn’t ready to leave I needed to rid myself of 19 so I started to pack up my stuff. To the left of me another car had pulled up and a group of people my age started setting up camp. They had the works (tent, cooler, grill)! I had let go of LaRoo’s leash to grab my stuff and when my back was turned she wandered over to the new people’s area.

I went to turn around and get her and noticed her in the middle of their set up. One of the guys had grabbed her leash and I walked over to thank him for stopping her. I’m not sure who asked what but I think someone asked me where I was from (or something along those lines) and I shared I was driving cross country. That started a conversation and as I was chatting I noticed 19 walk back to his car and drive off — HALLELUJAH!!!!

I shared with the group how 19 was creeping on me and they said they were trying to figure out the dynamic between the two of us when they pulled up. THANK GOODNESS one of them picked up that I needed some saving!!

They invited me to join their group for the day…they were going to swim, BBQ, and had some jet skis coming. Before I knew it I had a cold Lone Star (the Texas national beer!) in hand! LIFE IS GOOD! We made introductions and it was a mixture of people in their late twenties and early thirties. Most were from the Austin area but one guy had moved here 15 years ago from Albania (he was an exchange student and stayed I think?).

The day was filled with good convo, laughs, and carefree spirits. One of the best chuckles was when Albania found a clam — in the lake!!! say whaaaaat? He pried it open to reveal a HUGE clam and a beautiful shiny purple shell. He threw a dash of salt on it and slurped it on down!! LoL! The jet skis arrived and I was excited to take a ride. However, after 3 rounds, the two boys came back with a big fat $400 ticket! The one guy was wearing an orange life jacket as a joke but when the lake police saw they pulled him over… then discovered one of the fire extinguishers was expired and the other jet ski didn’t have one. BUZZKILL.

We grilled, drank, ate, and laughed until about 7:30pm. Having not put on sunscreen (because what was originally meant to be an hour of lake time turned into almost 8 – damn i LOVE flying by the seat of my pants!), my skin was frying under the Texas sun. Earlier in the day New Yorker and Guy had both texted me saying I was welcome to stay on their couch. The one couple in the group said I was also welcome to stay with them if needed. Therefore since I was in no rush to get on the road, I figured I would catch the sunset up at The Oasis (ended up having to go next door to Soleil where dogs are allowed – same view though!).

One of the guys in the group offered to join so we headed up the hill, grabbed a table on the patio, and enjoyed a margarita while watching the sunset… what an AMAZING day!

I headed back over to New Yorker & Guys place. Guy was upstairs entertaining a new lady so New Yorker and I hung out. He has a Triumph motorcycle and asked if I would like to go for a ride. We took a short ride up to Walgreens to buy Axe body spray since I had mentioned I like the smell (NOTE TO MEN: Axe Apollo is where its AT!). We continued on our ride and I got a brief tour of Austin. Over the previous 10 months I had developed a love of riding because my neighbor in Cali, Chad, had a bike and we would take it out often. There is something so exhilarating about being on a bike with the wind blowing by…

We got back to the apartment around 11:30pm and once again attempted to watch Orange is the New Black (I say attempted because we both fell asleep).

I think i’m starting to fall in love with Austin…


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